Leeds sisters have 'bucket list' moment as first contestants on new Danny Dyer BBC game show The Wall

Sisters Helen McDonald and Louise Seymour, from Leeds, with The Wall host Danny Dyer. Credit: BBC.
Sisters Helen McDonald and Louise Seymour, from Leeds, with The Wall host Danny Dyer. Credit: BBC.

A talkative pair of Leeds sisters will enjoy a "bucket list" television moment after being picked to appear first on a new game show hosted by Danny Dyer.

Louise Seymour, 39, and Helen McDonald, 34, are so excited to share the "big reveal" of their result on BBC programme The Wall that they have booked Garforth's village hall and invited around 100 family and friends along on Saturday to project it on to a big screen.

The Leeds sisters on the show. Credit: BBC.

The Leeds sisters on the show. Credit: BBC.

In each show one pair take on The Wall in three rounds "that are the ultimate combination of strategy, knowledge and luck", says the broadcaster.

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Bank project manager Louise said it's been on her bucket list to be a contestant on a game show and after being an audience member on the The £100K Drop, she overheard host David McCall telling others that such shows are always looking for contestants, so decided to finally apply for one herself.

"Since being kids, we've always wanted to be mini-celebrities," she said, adding that they were not really interested in the money.

"We were excited about meeting Danny Dyer, going through hair and make-up...and looking forward to watching it on the telly."

The sisters think it was their close relationship and talkative personalities - they have their own podcast, Sisters of No Mercy - that led them to being picked to appear on the show first.

Louise said: "I think we both find each other the funniest people on earth."

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Husbands Martin and Marcus attended the filming session in early September, but most of the family are unaware of how the sisters got on, including their kids.

Manufacturing company general manager Helen's children Sophie, 18, Charlie, 12, and Leo, seven, as well as Louise's son Jake, eight, are all set for the "big reveal" at the weekend.

But the sisters said that if they did win any money on the show, it would go towards treating their parents Julie and Alex Thompson, who have both recently experienced ill health.

"We've just had a really poor couple of years, and they help us out so much with our kids," said Louise.

"For us, any money we came into we would spend it on them. Whatever the outcome on Saturday, they will be chuffed."

The show involves three rounds. The first is 'Freefall', which involves a multiple-choice question with two possible answers as balls fall randomly towards slots of varying cash amounts.

Players have until one ball has reached the money to lock in their answer. If they are correct, the balls turn green and money is added to their prize pot. However, answer a question incorrectly and the ball turns red, deducting the amounts of the slots they land in.

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In the next two rounds, the pair are separated but still have to work together to accumulate cash.

And the sisters said that host Dyer, star of EastEnders, was "great".

"He cracked some little funnies while he was on there so I think he's going to be a really good host."

The Wall was first shown in America on NBC in 2016 and was the "most travelled format" of 2017 and 2018 as it was sold to 24 territories around the globe.

The first UK episode of The Wall will air on BBC One on Saturday at 8.35pm.