Our Yorkshire Farm series two recap ahead of Channel 5's final episode on the Yorkshire Shepherdess and family

The Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen, husband Clive and their nine children have once again captured the hearts of television viewers with the second series of a documentary about life on their Ravenseat Farm.

The last episode of this season's Our Yorkshire Farm airs tonight, showing the trials and tribulations - as well as some of the lighter aspects - of their 2,000-acre remote moorland in the north Yorkshire Dales.

Amanda Owen and two of her children at Ravenseat Farm.

Amanda Owen and two of her children at Ravenseat Farm.

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Ahead of episode four airing at 8pm on Channel 5, here is a recap of some of this season's big moments.

In the first episode it was the Easter holidays, and while school was out for the children, lessons on the farm continued.

Amanda, Clive and their children learned the highs and lows of lambing, built a dog kennel for their runaway terrier, and saved a lamb with a broken leg.

One part of the documentary showed two of the children finding a dead sheep and discussing mastitis - a bacterial infection of the udder - causing controversy with some viewers.

Afterwards, Mrs Owen told the Yorkshire Post: "It's a really difficult line to take in order to not do any disservice to farmers and people in the countryside. You have to show the realities and that includes dead sheep."

In the second episode, the family sent heir spring lambs to the moors, while teenager Reuben fixed up a dirt bike for little brother Sid.

Mrs Owen told viewers: "Sid and Reuben are just a pair. Every evening, way past his bed time, I can hear them hammering away and tinkering away in the tool shed.

"But you know, it's a good relationship and long may it continue."

Meanwhile, Mrs Owen and the girls had to get a Shetland pony into the back of a Land Rover after a spontaneous purchase.

She said: "You can blow money on iPads, phone and look what they get. I don't take 'em shopping, don't do all sorts of things - they get something that they really like and it will give them, hopefully, years of pleasure and happiness."

In episode three, the family's priority was to gather all 1,000 sheep and shear them of their woolly winter coats.

But disaster struck when they woke up to find their all-important quad bikes had been stolen.
However, the benefits of keeping a sheep dog were explored on the programme.

Mrs Owen said: "You could not do the job here without a sheep dog. If it's just you and the sheep, they will win every time."

As the family camped out and had a barbecue on their moorland, she said: "Basically, we live and work and breath this place. It's everything, it's everything to us.

"It's where we've brought up our family, it's where we take our holidays, it's where we make our living, so it gives us everything."

In tonight's episode, viewers will tune in to see hay time - but a storm halts the harvest.