Review: 42nd Street

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Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

Starting life as a novel in the 1920s, 42nd Street went on to become the film that revitalised the American musical and lifted the nation’s spirits during the dark days of the Depression.

Although its rags to riches story of a chorus girl who steps into a leading role and becomes a star is predictable, over half a century later 42nd Street with its glitz, glamour and wall to wall toe-tapping still delivers a feel good factor to its audience.

Mark Brambles’ production is a nostalgically creative and exciting piece of vintage theatre. From the stylised characterizations, Buzby Berkeley-inspired choreography, lavish and imaginative sets and costumes he has recreated good old fashioned Hollywood glitz, glamour and razzmatazz at its best.

But what sets this show apart from any other musical currently touring, is the amazing high energy of its ensemble. For 42nd Street belongs to the ensemble, who sing and tap dance their way seamlessly through number after number of show stopping routines.