Review: Murder on the Nile

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Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

Compared to other vintage thriller writers the plays of Agatha Christie are often seen by today’s audiences as painfully slow and dull.

Their characters are stereotypical, the plots predictable and the dialogue overly long.

The bad news for audiences in Bradford is that Murder on the Nile is no exception.

Even with its strong, talented cast, who try to inject pace and attack the script with some brilliant characterizations, and a cleverly constructed stylish set, this play fails to grip and excite its audience.

A stage adaptation of the novel Death on the Nile, the play was first produced in the West End in 1946. The story revolves around Simon and Kay Mostyn who are honeymooning on a Nile steamer. With them are Cannon Pennefather, Kay’s Guardian and Jacqueline, Simon’s ex-girlfriend. During the voyage tragedy strikes and a body is discovered, all fingers point to Jacqueline. However things are not what they seem and the Cannon lays bare an audacious conspiracy and ensures the criminals do not go free.

As Cannon Pennefather, Denis Lill works tirelessly to create a wonderfully crafted character who quietly dominates and drives the play.

Kate O’Mara as Miss ffoliot-ffoulkes is a sheer delight and oh-so-believable as the snobby aristocratic English lady.

To July 21.