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Piff the Magic Dragon
Piff the Magic Dragon
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Leeds City Varieties is the country’s oldest music hall, has oceans worth of history and following a multi-million pound buff and polish the theatre has a season coming up of some of the freshest comedy on the circuit, along with theatrical treats that are perhaps best described as ‘one offs’. Oh, and let’s not forget The Good Old Days – as if anyone with an interest in British theatre could.

Thanks to Michael McIntyre and his roadshow, there are vast swathes of people suddenly interested in the art form of standing on a stage and telling jokes, but stand up remains best seen live.

The season opens at City Varieties with a comedian you are unlikely to see appearing on stage alongside McIntyre any time soon. Jim Jeffries, who has cracked America in the last few years with a couple of HBO specials now under his belt, is, to put it mildly, a little bit offensive. At the far gentler edge of the comedy fringes is Canadian Stewart Francis, whose word play makes him seem like Milton Jones with a foreign accent. Other comedians appearing include Mark Watson, Paul Chowdhry, Julian Clary, Marcus Brigstocke and the genius that is David O’Doherty, who has won a Perrier with the help of his keyboard and lyrical, hilarious songs.

The Good Old Days are also back, which will be music to the ears of many. It still manages to fire the enthusiasm of many and will be at the venue throughout October.

Other shows that complete an eclectic season include Piff the Magic Dragon, which is a story told by a magician, incorporating the skills of storyteller and magic.

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