Bradford's Danny Sapko wins Guitar World and Bass Player's 2020 bassist of the year

A Yorkshire musician has been named a specialist bass magazine’s number one player.

Bradford bassist Danny Sapko. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

Danny Sapko, from Bradford, won the Bass Player and affiliated Guitar World's 2020 Bassist of the Year.

Mr Sapko, 27, who lives in Saltaire, sent in a video of himself playing his own funk composition, which impressed the judging panel of Doug Wimbish, Tracy Wormworth and Scott Reeder as well as the voting public.

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The publication said: “The 27-year-old blew our minds with his excellent funk playing, intuitive feel for the groove and solid judgement when it comes to playing sophisticated lines that serve the song without descending into pointless showing off.

Mr Sapko, 27, was named Guitar World's 2020 bassist of the year after sending in a performance video. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

"The slick fingerstyle that he showcases in his video clip encompasses all the tricks of the modern bass arsenal – strummed chords, the floating thumb technique, tapping and the expected slap and pop – while the line itself remains catchy and memorable.”

Mr Sapko is largely self-taught after taking up the instrument 10 years ago aged 17 and had submitted videos to the competition a number of times previously. He will move on to other things now, saying: “I think I’m pretty satisfied with achieving my goal.”

He honed his skills on the Bradford pub scene with bands such as Nervous ‘Orse and Vonderplanetz but is branching out on a solo career in 2021.

Mr Sapko has won a Spector Performer 4 bass, receives a feature in both print and online editions of Bass Player, and gets to record a professionally shot performance video.