Comedian goes 196 miles without money to play Harrogate's Major Tom's

Comedian Damian Kingsley arrives at Major Tom's Social in Harrogate tonight, Tuesday night having travelled 196 miles without any money!

Epic charity tour - Comedian Damian Kingsley.

Having started off penniless on the first date in Cornwall on March 25, Harrogate is the next stop tonight on his 120-gig comedy tour to raise money for the homeless via Shelter charity.

For the purposes of this epic charity journey, affable Edinburgh Fringe regular Damian has bravely relied on the public to be given shelter, food and the odd lift in the car.

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No cash, no credit cards, no cheques, nothing until he r3eaches his final destination of Edinburgh.

In return he has paid back the kindness of strangers purely with jokes.

Called the Knock Knock Comedy Tour, as part of the challenge, the stand-up comedian has been playing mostly in locations and venues not usually associated with comedy shows.

Having set a target of raising £10,000 for Shelter, Damian has done so well he’s reset it to £20,000 now.

Next Tuesday, June 21, he will be performing at Major Tom’s Social bar in The Ginnel off Parliament Street, Harrogate from around 7.30pm.