On this day in Yorkshire

Hotel proprietors amazed by the Easter crowds

March 26, 1940

Hotel proprietors have been amazed by the Easter crowds at Bridlington and have been turning people away. The manageress of one large hotel said yesterday, “It has been very, very good, and better than last Easter. We were turning people away all yesterday. We were very much surprised by the crowds, and have been doing splendid business.”

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At Scarborough the crowds yesterday astonished even the most sanguine, and the influx of cars was particularly remarkable. They were parked along the whole length of the Marine Drive, Royal Albert Drive, and the Esplanade. When yesterday’s Corporation entertainment figures are available they will compare very well with those of last Easter. Those for Sunday, issued yesterday, show increases on last year in some cases.

The number of visitors to Filey yesterday was nearly up to previous years. Motorists took advantage of the Council’s offer of free parking on the Promenade, and all the motor parks were soon filled.

Southport had more than 70,000 visitors by rail during the week-end, a figure which well up to normal Easters. There was a huge invasion yesterday by road and rail. Altogether, Southport has had more than 120,000 visitors during the week-end, and this appears to indicate that the resort is in for one of its most successful seasons.

Blackpool’s Easter holiday has been such a success that the town is confident that the coming summer season will be the best for many years. The number of staying visitors is considerably higher than any other Easter.

At Withernsea, railway traffic was above normal. “We were surprised at the very full trains,” said an official. The bus companies reported average traffic for Easter Monday.

Streams of buses were arriving at the Harrogate bus station throughout yesterday, and many private coaches from the Heavy Woollen District brought excursionists to Harrogate. The railway company also reported a busy day.

More than 700 Colne Valley people went by excursion to Belle Vue. Manchester, Marsden, Slalthwaite and Longwood sending good contingents. Blackpool also attracted large numbers and the train to this resort had to be duplicated. Southport and Liverpool also drew large numbers.

Crowds of holldaymakers flocked into Wharfedale, where road traffic was heavier than expected.

A large number of holidaymakers passed through Upper Wensleydale, bound for Lake Semerwater, the moorlands and fells.

Egg-rolling on the slopes above the villages was in full swing in many districts, this old-time custom being a new experience to the evacuee children, who also took part. Buxton has had the busiest Easter holiday for some years. Excursion trains brought several hundreds of people to the town during the day.

The popular point-to-point races of the High Peak Hunt, usually held at Stagg Moor on Easter Tuesday, will not take place today owing to the war. About 600 Civil Servants who went to London for their holiday week-end will return to Buxton tomorrow.

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