On this day in Yorkshire 1916

Zeppelin Raid. Yorkshire coast crossed and re-crossed at several points

The following meagre details concerning the Zeppelin raid on the North-East Coast last night afford all the information available for publication up to the time going to press:—

It was about 10.30 when a Zeppelin appeared over one Yorkshire town, coming from a westerly direction.

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It remained over the town for nearly an hour. Some bombs were dropped, after which the Zeppelin disappeared in an easterly direction.

The line which the Zeppelin took on leaving this town could be distinctly traced from the reports made by the bombs dropped on the way.

For at least twenty minutes after the raider disappeared the noise of the bombs could be heard.

A message from the coast says:—Zeppelins were seen crossing and re-crossing the Yorkshire coastline at several points. One of the raiders passed southwards to a coast town, six or seven miles away.

The sound of the engines could be distinctly heard. So far as can be gathered at present, no bombs were dropped in this neighbourhood.

Farther south, two Zeppelins were seen, and within an hour they returned southwards, passing out to sea again.

From a Yorkshire town where all electric tramcars wero stopped and lights put out, comes a message that early this morning a Zeppelin passed at a high rate of speed and disappeared.

No bombs were dropped.

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