On this day in Yorkshire 1920

Hull Steamer in CollisionExciting Incident at Dover

Whilst leaving Dover yesterday evening with about 300 passengers and the Continental mails, the mail steamer Princess Elizabeth, bound to Ostend, came into collision with the steamer Borre of Hull, which was cut below the water line.

The accident happened at the eastern entrance of the Naval Harbour.

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Tho mail steamer had traversed about mile from her pier, and was travelling at high speed. The Hull vessel was just entering the narbour to replenish her bunkers when the crash occurred.

The Borre was caught on the port bow, the mail steamer’s sharp bow cutting into the steel like a knife into cheese.

The princess Elizabeth stood by until the tug Lady Brassey came the Borre’s aid and towed her in, with her forepart full of water.

The mail steamer’s passengers had an exciting experience, but happily no one was injured on either ship.

The Princess Elizabeth was able to proceed to Ostend.

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