On this day in Yorkshire 1939


Provisional arrangements have been made for training 20 gliding cadets at the Yorkshire Gliding Club, Sutton Bank, near Thirsk during the Summer.

They will be in camp at Sutton Bank in batches of from 20 to 30, and each course will last a fortnight.

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An official of the club said yesterday this was the first Government scheme for the training of glider pilots and, if successful, would be extended In the future. The only cost to the cadets would be their personal expenses. The Government will pay the cost of instruction.

“The scheme,” he added, “is not confined to just the Yorkshire Club. Other clubs will have their quota of cadets. The work will mean a certain amount of voluntary work by club instructors, but the Government will, in addition, provide instructional staff.”

Cadets, he added, would be about 19 years of age, and selected from each squadron. As they are potential R.A.F, pilots, they would be taught gilding as a preliminary to Instruction in power machines. The general idea was to give cadets a theoretical knowledge of flying.

In addition to the Cadet courses, the club has arranged a course in general Instruction, open to all. from May 28 to June 3. There will be similar courses from August 13 to August 26 and September 3 to September 16. An advanced flying course has also been arranged from July 30 to August 6.

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