On this day in Yorkshire 1949

Wind blamed for Halton Moor fly plague

Alderman David Beevers, chairman of Leeds Health Committee, told “ Yorkshire Post” reporter after yesterday’s meeting of the Committee at which the Haiton Moor Estate fly plague was discussed that the matter was be raised with the Sewerage Department, as it was believed some the flies may have been carried from sewerage works by the wind.

He also said that a secondary breeding ground might be the swampy ground near the estate.

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Mr. J. Clemishaw, Leeds Sewerage Engineer, said the flies did breed in the sewage beds but there must be many other breeding places.

They had had the flies at Knostrop for several years, but had not experienced anything like the Halton Moor plague.

The matter would be reporteded to the chairman of the Town Planning and Improvements Committee, who controlled sewage disposal.

Mr. Clemishaw added that the cold weather followed by the sudden hot spell had produced ideal breeding conditions for the flies.

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