On this day in Yorkshire 1951

Holm Moss television mast is finished: 750ft. high

The Holme Moss television mast is finished. Complete with aerials, it now towers Iits full 750 ft. above the Pennines.

At last the slim steel structure really looks like television mast. The eight aerials, hauled Into position yesterday afternoon and evening, stand out from the 40ft. tower which surmounts the mast and finally establishes its Identity.

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The aerials, each 6ft. high and weighing 5001b., were hoisted to the top of the mast and smoothly placed in position.

The skill with which the operation was carried out came of long practice. At the base of the mast, the Scots foreman, George Kerr, who is in charge of the mast construction gang, securely fastened an aerial to the end of the hoisting tackle.

A wave of his hand and away it went, until it had dwindled to the size of a matchstlck, and Arthur O’Neill, Dick Matthews and Hugh Stuart, the other members of the gang, eased it gently into position.

Beside the main mast is growing secondary one already 60ft. high. Another good day’s work and it will have reached its full 150 ft. said the engineers.

Although structurally the main mast finished, there is still much work to do before TV signals go out from It.

The B.B.C. technicians take over where the mast builders leave off, and feeder cables have to run up the structure to the aerials.

The time it will take to connect up the cables depends on the weather.

It is not possible for any of the engineers or technicians to forecast when test transmissions will begin.

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