On this day in Yorkshire 1951

New move to protect Leeds nurses

To safeguard nurses at St. James’s Hospital, Leeds, two night watchmen and two trained police dogs are to guard the grounds.

This was announced by Mr. R Morgan at yesterday’s meeting of the Leeds A Group Hospital Management Committee.

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He said the police had stated that they could not patrol the hospital grounds indefinitely to prevent attacks on nurses. (Several attacks and other Incidents have occurred at the hospital over a period of months. The last was about four weeks ago when Mrs. Alice Sambrook, a housemaid, was seriously injured by a man who attacked her in one of the corridors.

Alderman David Beevers, chairman, told yesterday’s meeting that no one could get into the Nurses’ Home now except through the Hospital.

“There is now a perfectly safe way for a nurse to travel without anyone molesting her, unless that person gets into the hospital itself.” he said. “I think we have done everything possible.”

Councillor Mrs W. Shutt said she thought it would be better to have escorts for the girls rather than have fierce dogs roaming about.

“I would not go to the hospital on my own with those two big dogs about,” she added.

Dr. F. F. Hellier said a system of chits for nurses to bring men friends into the Home had been suggested.

“ The criticism of the nursing profession is that they are treated as schoolchildren, and if you get that system, you will lose the staff.” he said.

Alderman Beevers said it was hard on senior nurses, whose own homes might be two or three hundred miles away, not to be able bring their brothers or friends into their sitting rooms.

He saw no reason why nurses should not bring their friends in. The matter was referred to the House Committee for further consideration.

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