On this day in Yorkshire 1953

First Studio TV Show in the North

The BBC studio in Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, a large bare sanctuary for sound radio, where a few chairs, a discreet carpet, cream walls and a microphone or two have formed the setting for the comparatively gentlemanly art of sound broadcasting, was suddenly changed last night.

A television broadcast, with its hothouse atmosphere and tropical growth of wires, cables and coloured lights, burst into life. Powerful arc lamps blazed on a framework hung with blue, peach and gold drapes, two imitation marble pillars and a vase of gaudy artificial flowers.

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All free space was occupied with a clutter of cameras, cameramen, engineers, monitor sets, wiring and a six-foot cube of wood on which was mounted one of the cameras.

It was an important occasion; the first studio television show in the North of England, and it was produced by the Leeds studio’s own variety producer. Barney Colehan, and starred three local artists.

The show, called “Rhyme and Rhythm.” was on the air last night for only 20 minutes, but the organised chaos of rehearsals had continued all day.

Gradually the pattern of a taut, lively programme emerged, with the Leeds performers well to the fore. The Gaunt Brothers sang a number of sophisticated and topical duets at the piano, and their “Tale of a Test Match” made even the entertainment hardened cameramen laugh. Nina Yanson, a 22-year-old secretary with a Leeds engineering firm, sang with considerable charm.

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