On this day in Yorkshire 1953

A Ring and a Riddle in the Bridlington Sands

The proprietor of a Bridlington hotel riddled sand on the beach until a valuable ring, owned a woman guest who did not know where she had lost It, had been found.

Mrs. J. Malpas, of Ivory Street, Featherstone, on holiday there at Whitsuntide, lost a gold ring with three opals and two diamonds.

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The ring could not be found in the hotel. Mr. Stanley Sanderson, proprietor of the hotel in Victoria Road, said yesterday:

“I thought Mrs. Malpas might have lost it on the beach and I had an idea where she had been sitting.

We took a shovel and a riddle. The sand was dug up and riddled, and after searching for half an hour the ring was found.”

The sand, he added, had been covered by the tide. Bridlington police asked Featherstone police to tell Mrs. Malpas that the ring had been found.

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