On this day in Yorkshire 1976

Local Stories from the long hot summer.

Sting Fish Warning to Bathers

Sea bathers at a Yorkshire resort have been warned to wear sandals to beat a new wave of sting-fish which can inflict most painful wounds.

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Six people have been treated in hospital at Bridlington after being stung by the powerful Greater Weaver fish which lies almost buried in sand in shallow water.

Last year 212 people were treated for stings after treading on the weaker Lesser Weavers.

An official at Lloyd Hospital said the Greater Weaver had made its first appearance much earlier his year.

He said “It is more toxic and has stronger spines on itsback. Its sting is very painful.”

A bitter blow turns real ale fans pale

Hopes of “real ale” being served at a Huddersfield public house have been wrecked by passing traffic.

The owners of the former Yorkshire Hotel - now renamed The Changing Lights - at Folly Hall have had to abandon their plans because traffic vibration makes their cellar unsuitable for storing real ale.

11 day boost for water supplies

The weekend rain has substantially improved water supplies in the Leeds area with reservoirs nearly half full.

One and a quarter inches of rain fell, bringing reservoirs up six per cent to 51 per cent of capacity a Yorkshire Water Authority spokesman said yesterday.

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