Eurovision 2023: What requirements does a host city need to be chosen, what is the process and when will the host city be announced?

With Sheffield and Leeds officially throwing their hat in the ring to host next year’s Eurovision, here is everything you need to know about the necessary requirements of a host city and what the process is.

On July 25, 2022, it was announced by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) that the UK will be hosting Eurovision next year.

A number of UK cities have shown interest in placing bids to be the host city. It was confirmed a few days later that Leeds and Sheffield have officially put in bids to be the next host city.

So how does a host city get chosen and what is the process? We have the information below.

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    Singer Sam Ryder performing on behalf of The United Kingdom at the final of the Eurovision Song contest 2022. (Pic credit: Marco Bertorello / AFP via Getty Images)

    What requirements does a host city for Eurovision need?

    The host city is decided by the BBC and the EBU.

    The final decision on the selection of the host city will be based on a city or region’s capacity and capability when meeting the BBC’s and the EBU’s requirements, as well as availability of resources and general experience in hosting large and complicated events like the Eurovision Song Contest.

    An example of a criteria would be like last year the EBU’s host city was chosen based on providing a venue able to accommodate at least 10,000 people, including a press centre, that should be within easy access to an international airport and with suitable hotel accommodation.

    What is the process like when choosing a host city?

    There are two stages and to be considered, any potential contestants must meet a set of minimum requirements that demonstrate they have the capacity, capability and experience to host an event of this scope and intricacy.

    The two rounds are receiving applications and shortlisting cities based on their ability to meet the requirements.

    Local authorities can apply for their chance to be a host city by emailing: [email protected]

    Do you have to pay to enter a bid?

    There is no charge for entering.

    When will the host city for Eurovision 2023 be announced?

    The process is expected to be completed in Autumn this year and the announcement will be made by then.