Farmer's Christmas tractor to raise money for charity

Is this Britain's most Christmassy farmer? A Pocklington farmer has hit the road with a festive fairy light covered tractor.

Andrew Wilkinson, 33,made the tribute in memory of his father who died in 2006
Andrew Wilkinson, 33,made the tribute in memory of his father who died in 2006

Eccentric Andrew Wilkinson, 33, is taking his extraordinary creation on the road for the first time this season for crowds to enjoy.

His scale model adorned in 11,000 lights doesn't disassemble so the only way for him to transport it is in a trailer behind a real tractor.

The pictures show the 33-year-old towing his display while festive revellers in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, watch on in amazement.

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    The festive farmer is raising money for Cancer Research UK

    The tractor has taken pride of place in Andrew's front garden for the past two years but this Christmas he has decided to take it on the road.

    Andrew, from the East Yorkshire village of Hayton, built the festive tractor in memory of his farmer dad David, who died from cancer in 2006.

    He uses the display to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

    The tractor has 11,000 fairy lights and is being towed around on tour by a real tractor

    Andrew built the model in 2016 using two miles of wiring and it's based it on the John Deere 6820 tractor that he actually drives.

    For the first time Andrew is taking the tractor on the road to display it at events around East Yorkshire, in a bid to raise more money than ever before.

    Andrew said: "I've displayed the tractor in my garden for the last couple of years but this Christmas I thought I'd take it out and about.

    "People come from all over to see it and everyone who does absolutely loves it, I'm astounded by people's reactions.

    "I suppose no one else is mad enough to build a Christmas-themed tractor.

    "I can't actually take it apart so the only way to move it is by putting it in a trailer and towing it.

    "It's fair to say I get a few funny looks from people when they see my plodding down the road with a tractor made from Christmas lights behind me."

    He added: "It's all good fun but I'm doing for a serious cause in memory of my dad, who died from cancer.

    "He was a tractor and so was his dad so farming is something that runs in the family, it seemed fitting to build a tractor."

    Andrew will be displaying his tractor at various other events in the run up to Christmas.

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