Filmmakers aim to raise thousands for Dick Turpin biopic about his exploits in Yorkshire

An independent production company is aiming to raise almost £10,000 to make a feature film about the life of 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin.

The ‘English Outlaw: The Story Of Dick Turpin’ is being made by Henceforth Films
The ‘English Outlaw: The Story Of Dick Turpin’ is being made by Henceforth Films

Henceforth Films said ‘English Outlaw: The Story Of Dick Turpin’ will chronicle the notorious outlaw’s exploits, his move to Yorkshire and his trial and execution in York in 1739.

Danny Fraser, who runs the company with his business partner and former actor Lynne Hambrey, has written the screenplay for the film and will play the lead role.

The company working on the biopic has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £9,500 to cover logistical costs, travel expenses and post-production fees.

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    In a statement, the company said: “At Henceforth we believe the importance of history can never be underestimated - especially the uglier chapters and characters throughout the annals of time.

    "The so-called ‘King Of The Road’ that was Dick Turpin and the rampant highway robbery he committed throughout 18th century England has not been depicted on screen for some time and hardly ever with a degree of historical accuracy.

    “Please understand that, whilst intending to entertain first and foremost, this biopic of one of England’s most notorious criminals is in no way intended to glamorise the man that was Dick Turpin.

    Henceforth Films previously produced fantasy drama series called ‘Swords Of Scavelia’ for Amazon Prime in 2018.