Gig review: Red Rum Club at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Since the release of their debut album ‘Matador’ back in January, Liverpudlian sextet Red Rum Club have gone from strength to herculean strength

Red Rum Club
Red Rum Club

Saturday saw them bring their colossal live show to a sold out Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club.

Currently in the midst of a mammoth UK tour, the band openly pointed out that this was the largest venue in their current run, which must have made the prospect of headlining such an iconic place just that little bit more daunting; however, they seemingly took it all in their stride as they raced through a set comprised of both impassioned ballads and delightfully rakish, upbeat musical concord. There’s something for everyone, and every move they make is fortified with such bravado that it’s impossible not to be impressed.

Their sound coalesces the most theatrical and impeccably crafted Americana-style pop, despite having a fervent yet vivacious rock ’n’ roll edge, meaning that it is literally quite impossible to pigeonhole them to any one genre. There’s visibly a great deal of chemistry between them as a group; as individual and talented musicians in their own right, they compliment one another perfectly.

What Red Rum Club manage to do so effortlessly is to lasso their audience from the very first beat to the final curtain call with their spectacular euphonious fanfaronade, sweeping everyone away in a cosmic wave of Tarentino-esque trumpet melodies and swashbuckling onstage antics.