Hannah Hauxwell: The life of the 'daughter of the Dales' in pictures

It's one year since world-famous Dales farmer Hannah Hauxwell passed away.

Hannah Hauxwell
Hannah Hauxwell

Known as 'the daughter of the Dales', she farmed alone at a remote smallholding in the North Pennines for most of her adult life, enduring harsh winters and spartan living conditions. She finally retired in the late 1980s, moved to a cottage and lived to the age of 91. Hannah shot to global fame in 1973, when Yorkshire Television shot the documentary Too Long a Winter in her isolated dale, and she gained a huge following in the USA.

Hannah during snowfall at her farm in March 1979
Hannah was admired for her self-sufficiency and lack of materialism
Hannah in 2008. She had lived alone since her parents' deaths when she was in her 30s, and could go two weeks without speaking to another person.
After retiring from the farm in the 1980s when the work became too much, Hannah moved to the nearby village of Cotherstone and lived in a cottage. She is pictured outside her new home in 2007.
Hannah celebrating Yorkshire Day with relative Jack Robinson in 2007.
Hannah spoke on camera about how she would sometimes sleep in the byre with her cows to keep warm on the coldest nights.
Hannah's farmhouse was called Low Birk Hatt - it's since been converted into a modern family home by new owners.
Hannah drew her water for washing, drinking and cooking from this stream, as she had no plumbing.
Hannah taking feed to her cattle in 1979. The North Pennines are often called 'England's last wilderness'
Hannah in 1989, after she had become known around the globe
Hannah operates a traditional mangle in her farmyard in 1988
Hannah in 1993, after she had moved to her new cottage and given up farming
Hannah's farmhouse in 1988
Hannah on a visit to Leeds - complete with her crock - in the 1980s
Hannah kept a herd of cattle on her smallholding
Hannah marks her 60th birthday in the village of Mickleton in 1986
Hannah plays the piano in her farmhouse in the 1970s
A crock was laid on Hannah's coffin when her funeral took place in her birthplace of Barnard Castle in February 2018