Himalayan Gardens at Grewelthorpe: Mirror image reflects the changing colours

For many people the clocks going back is a sign that the last vestiges of warmth are behind us and winter is on its way, time to draw the curtains and hunker down indoors with a good book next to a roaring fire.

But while this may be tempting it would mean missing out on what is one of the most breathtaking times of year, when nature puts on a dazzling visual feast for the eyes.

It only lasts a matter of weeks and by the end of November, when the trees are all but shorn of their foliage, this burlesque display will be over. But it can still be enjoyed a little while longer.

The sensory display of deep, changeable colours is the equivalent of a rich, oak-robed red wine bursting with flavour - one that needs to be drunk at just the right time.

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    There are few more impressive sights in this world than a forest or woodland dressed up in all their autumnal finery, as this photograph of the Pagoda on the lake in the Himalayan Gardens at Grewelthorpe, near Ripon, goes to show.

    The private garden is owned by Peter and Caroline Roberts and in 2005 they decided to open it up to the public for eight weeks each summer and a fortnight in the autumn, to allow people to soak up the changing seasons in all their burnished glory.

    Rightly viewed as a botanical masterpiece, the garden and sculpture park is set in beautiful woodland; enhanced by natural springs, lakes and striking contemporary sculptures, and at this time of year it truly is a sight to behold.

    Trees and plants might not have the obvious, bright vivaciousness of spring, but there is something deeper, and at the same time ephemeral, about autumnal colours that is somehow more seductive and beguiling, poignant even.

    The majestic gardens at Grewelthorpe aren’t the only place from which you can enjoy this seasonal changing of the guard, it is a natural wonder that can be seen in local parks and even your own back garden.

    You just have to step outside and take a look around.

    Technical details: Nikon D3s camera with an 24-70mm lens at 32mm with an ISO of 200 at 1/250th sec at f5.