Interview: 'Grumpy' Jenny Eclair set for Royal Hall tonight

For anyone not a fan of 50 Shades of Grey, be reassured, when Grumpy Old Women: 50 Shades of Beige comes to Harrogate's Royal Hall, tonight, Friday, it's only an, er, restricted part of the show.

Funny and happy - Jenny Eclair is coming to Harrogate with Grumpy Old Women.

So says one of its stars, the national treasure that is comedienne Jenny Eclair for whom this is her third 'Grumpy' live tour.She tells me: "It was a good name for the tour when I was coming up with the script three years ago but it's a bit 'last year' for people now. In terms of the content on stage it take up about three minutes on the new tour."I did read 50 Shades of Grey for research purposes. It was a page turner alright but we have a healthy disregard for it on stage."Grumpy Old Women is really about what it's like to be a woman in your middle years."Jenny has been a popular fixture on TV and radio for what feels like ever with credits including Loose Women, The Eurovision Song Contest, Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Weakest Link and a host of other mainstream shows.Despite being the star of Grumpy Old Women on stage and TV, she has never convincingly appeared grumpy, really.It requires effort and preparation, she says."I'm on HRT, the pill and the gel and I'm actually terribly happy. But I can turn on grumpiness like a tap. I'm almost incontinent when it comes to grumpy."It's quite easy to get quite grumpy on tour if you're staying in a bad hotel or having a bad lunch."I suggest Jenny's co-stars actress Suzie Blake and singer-actress Kate Robbins seems pretty happy people, too.Jenny laughs: "The secret is they're both talented actresses. Kate is quite good natured. Suzie has needed work. I've had to explain the dark side of life to her and stamp on her Pollyanna side."When I'm talking to her she tells me she's catching up on the previous night's episode of BBC 2's Peaky Blinder series.I accidentally tell her what happens to one of the main characters.This does make her grumpy but I tell her the fantastic soundtrack to the whole series is available for download online and that cheers Jenny up.

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Grumpy Old Women is at Harrogate's Royal Hall on Friday, June 3.