James Mitchinson: Sign up to support your county's voice

I AM writing to advise you that The Yorkshire Post's website is changing: in order to improve your experience and to ensure our journalism remains sustainable in the long term, we'd like you to register a few details with us.

James Mitchinson is editor of The Yorkshire Post.

Our award-winning website is growing faster than any other large ABC-audited website in the UK, with visitors up 58 per cent in the second half of 2017, and so it is now more important than ever to make sure we are the best in the industry, as Yorkshire demands and expects of so many of its businesses which carry the county brand.

We know that nothing else will do.

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In the coming days, we will switch on the registration process for www.yorkshirepost.co.uk and you will begin to see some very simple steps which you will need to follow in order to continue enjoying our content free of charge.

Content ranging from investigations which hold the politically powerful to account, to business analysis, as well as comment from the likes of Darren Gough, David Blunkett, Christa Ackroyd, Anthony Clavane and so many more.

Completing the registration process will improve your experience on our site: our research tells us that you do not like seeing adverts that are irrelevant to you.

This development will enable us to begin ensuring the conversation between our valued advertisers – the people who currently pay for (our website remains free to all) the online journalism that we know you value and trust – and the people of Yorkshire, and, of course, our ex-pat readers beyond the county boundary.

If you have an ad-blocker running, you will no longer be able to access our site.

The high-quality journalism produced by this historic organ since 1754 costs money. To ensure The Yorkshire Post can continue to protect and enhance God’s Own County for another 264 years, we need our readers to subscribe to and/or buy our newspaper; and/or subscribe to our digital tablet newspaper; and/or welcome our valued advertisers into your home, online and on mobile.

We are presently exploring other business models which will help us do what we do for the long term.

I will consult with and listen to our subscriber base in order to continue improving The Yorkshire Post, and will keep you updated as new ideas and products are developed.

To be absolutely, unequivocally clear: we will not share your data with anyone. Ever. We will only contact you to inform you of breaking news, important events and such if you ask us to.

As ever, I welcome feedback and urge those of you who care about Yorkshire and care about this newspaper and the journalism it undertakes on your behalf, to email me: [email protected] Very best wishes, and sincere thanks for your enduring loyalty.

James Mitchinson is editor of The Yorklshire Post.