Album review: For Now by DMA's

DMA's are unashamedly lad rock.


Looking like extras from This Is England, the three-piece Australian band are back with album two, For Now.

Whilst Kasabian lost their way after three great albums, and Oasis look like a distant memory of a Knebworth Festival, DMA’s have picked up where the aforementioned bands left off and added their template to the mix.

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Lead track For Now is a huge summer anthem that blasts wide the album with a few open tinnies in the air. Cigarettes and alcohol indeed.

For Now by DMA's

Elsewhere the Beatles light of In The Air and the 80s influenced The End showcase a more melodic and different direction from their debut, a point made clear when the band discussed having more time to experiment and challenge themselves on the new album.

Closing side one Warsaw and opening side two Do I Need You Now? DMA’s continue their huge pop melodies, the songs feel like they’ve more room to breathe and come alive despite the grand production.

A lad rock band in a 2018 #MeToo society might seem as antiquated as a Gallagher haircut, however the bands ballads bring softer moments of reflection and a sound that the summer will bask in.

A solid follow-up to debut Hills End and careering itself up the UK top 20, this will be the soundtrack to your festival line-up 2018.