Clive Betts: Now is the time to allow ‘safe standing’ in football grounds

I LOVE football and, in particular, Sheffield Wednesday, despite it bringing me a lifetime of trial and tribulation, interspersed with the occasional celebration.

Are schools right to ban mobile phones?

Jayne Dowle: Time to ban mobile phones from the classroom

I’M not a great fan of banning things. Especially amongst teenagers and particularly at school. Having been a young person myself, I seem to recall that my immediate reaction was to rebel against the decision if something was declared off limits.

Should a third runway be built at Heathrow Airport?

Baroness Sugg: Heathrow expansion will benefit all of UK

MPs will today face a landmark decision – whether to vote in favour of expansion at Heathrow or oppose it. This is a scheme which would bring more flights, more jobs and greater economic growth to the UK. And while this remarkable infrastructure project would take place in the South East of England, its benefits would be felt right across the country.

How can the rural economy be unlocked?

The Yorkshire Post says: A new deal for rural Britain? Don’t write off the countryside

TODAY’S report into the financial future of rural areas, and how they have been marginalised by Local Economic Partnerships and other devolution policies, is fundamental to national and regional policy-making.

Dan Jarvis is mayor of Sheffield City Region.

The Yorkshire Post says: Yorkshire’s future. Dan Jarvis leading from front on devolution

GIVEN the extent to which Chris Grayling, and his Cabinet colleagues, have totally mishandled transport policy in the North, it’s little surprise that 81 per cent of Yorkshire taxpayers now feel that they have little or no control over Government decision-making.

Respect for the military has never been greater, but do veterans receive sufficient support?

The Yorkshire Post says: Back into battle. Treatment of military veterans

RESPECT for the country’s Armed Forces has never been greater, a consequence of recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as commemorative events to mark the centenary of the Great War and the sacrifices of ancestors.

Many trains have been cancelled or delayed recently.

YP Letters: Busy station needs extra platforms

From: Graham Coult, Dunhill Road, Goole.

Chris Grayling's record as Justice Secretary is now in the spotlight.

YP Letters: Emasculation of Probation Service by Chris Grayling led to more offending

From: SM Hardy, North Close, Leeds.

The Empire Windrush arrived in Britain in 1948.

YP Letters: Did we really need post-war migrant labour?

From: Anthony Smith, Cowling, Keighley.

VAR check: Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz talks with Denmark's Simon Kjaer and goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel before awarding Australia a penalty after checking the VAR system. Picture: Getty Images

The Darren Gough column: Why I’m a fan of VAR at the World Cup

I HAVE got to say that I think VAR has been brilliant at the World Cup so far, even though I know a lot of people were knocking it beforehand.

Donald Trump is likely to be at loggerheads with Nato leaders next month.

Patrick Mercer: Nato looks set to be Trumped by angry president

THE Donald couldn’t have a better surname, I reckon. Whilst his language and antics owe more to reality TV than his current job as leader of the free world, he doesn’t half shake things up! But, although he’s constantly sniped and slated, it’ll be hard for his critics to continue if he nails peace with North Korea.

Graeme Bandeira's latest cartoon.

Tom Richmond: Tories could pay dearly for their attitude to the North

THE extent to which MPs are whipped into line was evident this week when Parliament debated a vote of no confidence over Chris Grayling’s mishandling and mismanagement of the railways.

Sir William Worsley is the Government's new Tree Champion.

Sir William Worsley: Trees must be at the heart of our environmental vision

FORESTRY is in my blood. I grew up at Hovingham, in the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and trees are, and will continue to be, a hugely important part of my life.

A patient appointment letter from the NHS

David Behrens: NHS needs to push the envelope on methods of communication

PERHAPS you enjoy hearing the gentle plop of envelopes on your doormat in the morning. I’m sure I would, too, if I thought they might contain something interesting.

Airbus could pull out of Britain if there's no clarity over Brexit.

The Yorkshire Post says: Brexit crash landing fears. Airbus chief demands clarity

TWO years ago today, Britain voted to leave the European Union, David Cameron resigned and Theresa May promised that Brexit would mean Brexit. Yet, while she remains Prime Minister for now, there’s little clarity, with just nine months to go, on how Britain will trade with the EU, and rest of the world, in the future.

Chris Grayling has been frequently described as Macavity for his no-shows.

The Yorkshire Post says: Grayling no show. Macavity Minister to miss rail summit

CHRIS GRAYLING can be excused, in part, for now excusing himself from the Northern Transport Summit on Monday – the Transport Secretary is now due to lead a potentially contentious Commons debate and vote on Heathrow Airport’s expansion.

Bradford-born Adil Rashid is starring for England.

The Yorkshire Post says: Cricket’s new test. How to win over Asian players

IN a week that saw MPs lobby Ministers for a more even allocation of cricket Test matches across the country, England’s now retired wicketkeeper batsman Matt Prior was in Bradford to lend his support to ongoing efforts to promote the sport within Asian communities.

The TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's acclaimed novel, The Handmaid's Tale, has been lauded by critics and viewers alike. (PA).

Anthony Clavane: The best dystopian drama holds up a mirror to society

For the last few weeks, during my frequent journeys to St James’ Hospital, I have driven past the imposing Thackray Medical Museum and wondered about a sign on its gates imploring visitors to “experience the grimy streets of Victorian Leeds.”

Should a third runway be built at Heathrow Airport?

YP Letters: Heathrow third runway won’t benefit North

From: Cait Hewitt, Deputy director, Aviation Environment Federation.

Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?

YP Letters: One opinion poll does not outweigh the will of the people

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

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