The Yorkshire Post says: Transport for North's plan is welcome - but how many of the proposals will actually get built?

The ambition behind Transport for the North’s draft plan is the first milestone in a very long journey – the question is how many of the proposed road and rail improvements will actually be built.

Should motorists be penalised for failures in transport policy in Leeds?

YP Letters: Transport failures cast cloud over Leeds

From: Peter Haddington, Prospect Place, Eccleshill, Bradford.

Sheffield's tree-felling programme continues to cause controversy.

YP Letters: Last trees in polluted city centre are now facing the axe

From: Graham Wroe, Glencoe Road, Sheffield.

President Donald Trump wants Jerusalem recognised as the capital of Israel.

YP Letters: Make Jerusalem international city for peace

From: J Soper, Eastbrook Court, Bramham, Wetherby.

Councillors, members of the public and more in the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate for a controversial meeting on a possible relief road in Bilton. (Picture by Mike Whorley)

Dear Reader: Anger at relief road in Bilton + talking to panto writer

Despite the giant Christmas tree behind the top table, there was precious little festive spirit in a stormy meeting of North Yorkshire county councillors in the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate last Thursday.

Millions are facing a fuel poverty crisis this year

Bill Carmichael: Poverty of facts behind the tales of woe

OH woe, woe and thrice woe, as the late Frankie Howerd used to say.

The cost of Sheffield's tram-train scheme has soared by 401 per cent - what message does this send out?

The Yorkshire Post says: Build transport schemes on time and on budget

THE ambition behind Transport for the North’s draft plan is the first milestone in a very long journey – the question is how many of the proposed road and rail improvements will actually be built. That said, it does appear to have more faith – for now – in Transport Secretary Chris Grayling than many.

A loneliness manifesto will be launched today.

The Yorkshire Post says: Loneliness: A turning point. Jo Cox campaign inspires manifesto

TODAY’S official launch of Britain’s first ever loneliness manifesto marks a turning point in the country’s approach – and public attitudes – towards social isolation.


Rachel Reeves: An ordinary conversation can build a world less lonely

IN February last year my friend and colleague Jo Cox, MP for Batley and Spen, launched a cross-party commission looking at the issue of loneliness.

Nativity scene seen in a stained glass window in St Lawrence's Church in Warkworth. Picture by Jane Coltman

'No one messes with Ramadan, Diwali or Hanukkah, but Christianity is a pushover at Christmas'

LET’S begin with the comment of one mother to another overheard at a school nativity play: “I don’t know why they always have to bring religion into it.”
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Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker shake hands on their Brexit deal.

YP Letters: May’s deal with EU is the death of democracy in Britain

From: D Wood, Howden.

Should climate change be taken more seriously?

YP Letters: A worrying climate of science under attack

From: Dennis Fitzgerald, Landale Street, Box Hill, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

Opinion 1

Jayne Dowle: Six months on, Grenfell stands witness to failure

I DROVE through London a few days ago while on our way home from visiting family in Surrey. We could have gone round the M25, but the traffic – as always – was horrendous. And every so often I have the urge to remind myself of what I left behind when I moved from the capital back to Yorkshire 14 years ago.

Business links with China are crucial to the region's future, argues Professor Sir Keith Burnett.

Sir Keith Burnett: Why Sheffield’s future is interwoven with China’s ambitions

IT was one of those moments when the past meets the future. I was standing in the Composites Centre of our university’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre looking at an astonishing piece of machinery.

The BMA is campaigning for the rights of asylum seekers.

John Chisholm: Doctors have duty to oppose detention of asylum seekers

SINCE the first ‘detention unit’ opened in 1970 on the outskirts of Heathrow Airport, with space for just 44 people, 
the UK now detains 28,000 people 
each year.

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Is Google revealing a worrying lack of education?

The Yorkshire Post says: Should we be worried about Google searches like 'what is a general election?'

ONE can understand why so many people went online in the summer to ask Google what the Democratic Unionist Party was, or even the meaning of the phrase Hung Parliament.

Grenfell Tower

The Yorkshire Post says: Grenfell memorial offers solace - but how can government win back victims' trust?

Exactly six months after Britain was shaken to its foundations by the Grenfell Tower tragedy, today’s national memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral will, hopefully, offer some solace and comfort for the victims of this terrible tragedy while also acknowledging the bravery of the emergency services and goodwill of all those individuals, and organisations, who are still assisting the survivors.

The Yorkshire Post says: No more excuses, it's time to bring struggling schools up to standard

The Yorkshire Post says: No more excuses, it's time to bring struggling schools up to standard

IT was refreshing to hear Amanda Spielman, the relatively new chief inspector of education watchdog Ofsted, accentuate the positives when she delivered her first annual report.


Blackfriar: New Year hangover looms for consumers and retailers

It no longer appears to be a question of whether any retailers will go bust in the new year, but just how many will succumb to the severest contraction since the banking crisis of 2008.

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Is Brexit in danger of leaving the UK in the trade wilderness? (PA).

YP Letters: EU’s trade deal with Japan leaves us out in the wilderness

From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth, Leeds.

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