Dan Jarvis: My vision for prosperity that’s made in Sheffield City Region

THE Sheffield City Region is home to 68,000 businesses generating £30bn every year. But, with the average weekly salary here £60 less than the UK’s average, it is clear that too few people in South Yorkshire have a decent income or get their fair share of our nation’s wealth.

Theresa May delivered a speech at Derby College this week to launch a review into post-18 education.

Jayne Dowle: Educate yourself on hopes of the young, Mrs May

I COULD save Theresa May the bother of holding a review into higher education. I’m telling her now that the only people who have benefitted from the tripling of tuition fees are senior management staff such as vice-chancellors who demand – and are paid – astronomical six-figure sums to do their jobs.

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Ajaz Ahmed is the founder of Freeserve.

Ajaz Ahmed: Bosses need to know change never sleeps

HAS the tipping point arrived? For example, Freeserve launched in 1998, and the internet boom started. For years people talked about e-commerce, but nothing happened. Smug people said “I told you so”. Then, a few years later than expected, Amazon finally arrived, and the e-commerce boom really started.

Theresa May is due to host a Brexit away day at Chequers.

The Yorkshire Post says: May and her Brexit battles. Cabinet must settle differences

THERESA MAY’S Cabinet ‘away day’ at Chequers to discuss Brexit – and the negotiating strategy for the next round of talks with the EU – is a defining moment for this Government.

File photo dated 08/04/15 of workers, as latest government data shows that some 84% of businesses which have revealed their gender pay gap figures are paying male staff members more than women on average. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday February 21, 2018. More than 1,000 organisations with 250 or more workers have so far published the pay figures, which reveal the difference in the average hourly pay and bonuses for female and male employees. See PA story CITY Gender. Photo credit should read: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

The Yorkshire Post says: Gender pay divide. Transparency is a welcome step

NEW figures revealing the extent of the gender pay gap in many businesses across this country will make uncomfortable but necessary reading for many businesses.

Minette Batters is the first female president of the NFU.

The Yorkshire Post says: A farming first. NFU’s groundbreaking president

AS the first woman to be elected president of the National Farmers Union in its illustrious 110-year history, Minette Batters certainly has big boots to fill.

Malton is a Yorkshire success story. (Gerard Binks).

THe Yorkshire Post says: Market town value - investment boost for Malton

The travails of failing market towns as they struggle to attract young families, or keep those that are already there, because of a lack of decent jobs and local amenities, have become depressingly familiar.

Are public transport links to Doncaster Sheffield Airport good enough?

YP Letters: Fact check over failure of city airport

From: Howard Knight, Sheffield.

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is among those in favour of a hard Brexit. (PA).

YP Letters: Don’t drive this country away from its natural partners

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

Do more drivers need to have better speed awareness?

YP Letters: Speed is not the only cause of fatalities on roads

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

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An EE engineer installs a 4G antenna to a home in the Cumbrian North Fells. Picture by Mark Runnacles/PA Wire

The Yorkshire Post says: Rural broadband investment could transform countless lives in Yorkshire

For many people living in rural areas of Yorkshire, frustratingly-slow broadband speeds are much more than an irritation, they are holding back their hopes of a better life.

Ordinary families like this are caught up in the refugee crisis in Bangladesh.

Richard Corbett: Small nation that needs our help in refugees crisis

I have just had the harrowing experience of visiting the world’s largest refugee camp. Over half a million people – the equivalent of a city the size of Leeds or Sheffield – are crammed into hastily erected bamboo and canvas shelters and tents on a few hillsides and valleys that, in about 50 days, will be hit by the monsoon torrential rains which will wash away the shelters of a quarter of them and turn the whole area into a muddy morass.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has galvanised much of the youth vote. (JPress).

Tom Butler: Young people may be key to Corbyn win

When Theresa May called the general election last summer, almost every commentator expected her party to win comfortably, with some predicting the Tories would gain a triple-figure majority.

Northern Rock, then Britain's fourth largest bank, was an early victim of the 2007-08 crash when the US housing bubble burst. (Picture: PA wire).

Bernard Ingham: Fool’s paradise where we fail to learn from history

I don’t want to worry you but I fear we are living in a fool’s paradise – just like the investors in Northern Rock, Britain’s fourth largest bank, which went bust and was nationalised 10 years ago come tomorrow.

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Brexit Secretary David Davis wants to lead a "global race to the top." (PA).

The Yorkshire Post says: Long, arduous road to Brexit - Time for action not just rhetoric

Addressing business leaders in Vienna, Brexit Secretary David Davis drew on dystopian fiction insisting that Britain would not be thrown into a “Mad Max-style” world after it leaves the EU.

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Should second homes in the Yorkshire Dales face a 500 per cent council tax levy?

YP Letters: Questions for park chiefs over Dales homes tax proposal

From: Robert Flather, co-founder of the Dales Home Owners Action Group.

Laura Kuessenberg is the Political Editor of the BBC.

YP Letters: Tough questions over criticism of BBC journalist

From: Brian Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

Should more TransPennine express services serve Hunmanby?

YP Letters: Rail failing young and old alike

From: Nick Harvey, Stonegate, Hunmanby.

RBS is among the banks under fire over branch closures.

Mark Casci: Banks must lead banishing of anti-business sentiments

This week will see Britain’s biggest banks unveil their latest figures and once again it comes against a regrettable backdrop of scandal for the sector, as past misdeeds continue to rear their heads.

Mark Rylance as Olivia, right, and Samuel Barnett as Viola in the Globe Theatre's all-male production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. (Picture: PA).

John Mann: Don’t let North’s coalfields become deserts of culture

For the last ten years, I have repeatedly drawn Ministers’ attention to the deficit of culture spending in former mining communities. Yet when I stood up at Prime Minister’s Questions one month ago to highlight the issue once again, nothing had changed.

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