Tom Richmond: Summer of discontent as Brexit crisis engulfs Theresa May

EVEN though James Callaghan never actually uttered the immortal phrase ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ which was attributed to him when he returned from the West Indies to the chaos of the Winter of Discontent, they do encapsulate this Government’s contempt for the country.

Do soldiers receive sufficient support when they leavethe Army?

Jayne Dowle: We must not abandon our war veterans to fight their own demons as PTSD suicide toll grows

SOLDIERS sign up prepared to give their lives for their country. When the fighting is over, why should their lives count for so little? A major investigation by this newspaper group has found that 16 British combat veterans, including five former Royal Marines and two ex-members of UK special forces, have committed suicide since January.

Tiger Woods features in The Open today - but the prestigious golf tournament will not be shown live on terrestrial TV to the dismay of John Grogan MP.

John Grogan: As The Open tees off, why sport is the big loser as pay TV dominates

TODAY is the first glorious morning of The Open championship at Carnoustie. Back in the summer of 1978, I was in the sixth form at St Michael’s College in Leeds. My friend Kevin Maguire was going to volunteer at that year’s tournament at the home of golf in St Andrews.

Baroness Newlove is the Victims Commissioner.

The Yorkshire Post says: Put victims first or risk tokenism charge

WHEN BARONESS Helen Newlove speaks out on the rights of victims, she does so with painful experience of the criminal justice system after her first husband, Garry, was kicked to death by three youths.

Live and singing Fernando: Cher as Ruby Sheridan. PA Photo/Universal Pictures/Jonathan Prime.

Stephanie Smith: Mamma Mia, the happy antidote to our tricky times

“Somebody up there has got it in for me. I bet it’s my mother,” says Donna, aka Meryl Streep, in Mamma Mia.


The Yorkshire Post says: Britain is better off without Boris Johnson

BORIS JOHNSON likes to describe himself as a patriot. However he has a funny way of showing it. For, while Theresa May was rolling up her sleeves and being cross-examined by senior MPs over Brexit, the former Foreign Secretary was making a personal resignation statement.

The entertainer Sir Cliff Richard after he won his High Court privacy battle.

The Yorkshire Post says: Rights of suspects. Sir Cliff Richard, the BBC and the police

SIR CLIFF Richard’s victory in his High Court privacy battle over broadcast coverage of a police search of the entertainer’s home has profound repercussions for South Yorkshire Police, the BBC and, possibly, the freedom of the Press.


YP Letters: Theresa May’s devious Brexit plan will lead only to crisis

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.


YP Letters: Get real on Brexit – back Theresa May’s plan or face no deal at all

From: Tim Hunter, Farfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

People paddling in Hebden Beck at Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, as hot weather continues. Has too little common sense been used in the heatwave?

YP Letters: Box-ticking mentality is end of common sense

From: Geoff Wilson, Forest Crescent, Harrogate.

The use of data could help to reduce the number of people  living in poverty, says Greg Wright

Greg Wright: Let’s sift the big data to help those living in poverty

WE all dread the day when we suddenly struggle to cope with the cost of living.

Christa Ackroyd: Why it isn’t just Donald Trump who needs to learn some manners

Christa Ackroyd: Why it isn’t just Donald Trump who needs to learn some manners

Donald Trump maybe one of the richest men in the world but he needs to learn one of my father’s mantras, good manners cost nothing. And if manners maketh man, Mr President is sadly lacking.

Theresa May is, once again, fighting for her political life.

The Yorkshire Post says: Another mess as Government cancels its own early holiday

THE GOVERNMENT could not have been more disingenuous when it cited a lack of official business for its now-failed attempt to bring forward Parliament’s six- week summer recess by five days.

Has Donald Trump strengthened Theresa May's resolve over Brexit?

Bernard Ingham: Maverick Trump shows us how to get tough with the EU

SO was the Devil confounded? Or is President Donald Trump owt for tuppence, a bag of egotistical wind and a load of brazen smarm? Where does his eventful visit to the UK leave us?

Donald Trump has launched a blistering attack on the state of Britain today.

GP Taylor: President Trump told the ugly truth about modern Britain

LAST week, it took an American pensioner with a very bad combover to point out to the world what a mess Britain really is in. We might not have liked what he had said, but it was the truth. In a few short sentences, he summed up the state of our nation.

Theresa May is under fresh fire over Brexit.

Chris Moncrieff: May on brink as Corbyn awaits chance

NO wonder Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is so desperate to go for the kill. But the prospects of an early general election, which Corbyn so eagerly desires, seem remote unless the Government is defeated on a vote of confidence.

For many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the transition to civilian life is the toughest battle of all.

The Yorkshire Post says: The hardest battle. Soldiers and fight against PTSD

TOO many military veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have died suddenly for these tragedies to be dismissed as coincidence. Yet, because there’s no formal way of collating the outcomes of inquests into these deaths, the seriousness of the issue is unclear.

Former West Indies cricketer Collis King is caught up in a visa row.

The Yorkshire Post says: King left stumped. Cricket legend in Windrush row

AFTER A typically buccaneering innings by Collis King swung the 1979 World Cup final in favour of the West Indies, he has become a familiar – and formidable – figure in Yorkshire’s cricket leagues.

A fracking rig at Kirby Misperton.

Samuel Ribansky: Why Brexit also means fracking if Britain is to secure energy independence

WHAT do Brexit, gas, Yorkshire, and Lancashire have in common? Fracking. Having come across Friends of the Earth Europe’s website, I was informed that the ‘frack-war’ was alive and well. Companies are pushing for permits and people are concerned about the health, safety, and environmental aspects of shale gas extraction.

Is enough being done to encourage cycling in Harrogate?

YP Letters: Get on your bike to get Harrogate moving

From: N Horn, Harrogate.

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