Pik Botha

Pik Botha, politician

Pik Botha, who has died at 86, was the last foreign minister of South Africa’s apartheid era and a contradictory figure who staunchly defended white minority rule but eventually recognised that change was inevitable.

Ray Galton (left) and Alan Simpson

Ray Galton, comedy writer

Ray Galton, who has died at 88, was one half of Britain’s pre-eminent comedy writing partnership. With the radio and then television incarnations of Hancock’s Half Hour, he and Alan Simpson virtually invented the home-grown sitcom, and with their next creation, Steptoe and Son, they scaled creative heights seldom equalled.


William Fuller

William Fuller, who has died at 84, was a restaurateur in the swinging London of the 1960s, whose clients included Harold Wilson and Yoko One, and who came home to Yorkshire to run Harrogate’s renowned Drum and Monkey eatery.

Marjory Cockburn

Marjory Cockburn, hospice pioneer

Marjory Cockburn, who has died at 91, was one of the pioneers of hospice care in Sheffield and across the country. She joined the city’s St Luke’s Hospice as matron in 1974, and remained with the charity until her retirement in 1990.

Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour, singer

The singer Charles Aznavour, who has died at 94, was France’s most potent showbusiness export since Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier, enjoying an eight-decade career that stood as am emblem for the nation itself.

Geoffrey Hayes

Geoffrey Hayes, TV presenter

The actor-turned-presenter Geoffrey Hayes, who has died at 76, was a familiar face to two generations of children as the host of Rainbow, a fixture on ITV’s pre-school schedule since not long after the creation of the Thames Television franchise.

Beth Graham

Beth Graham, politician

Beth Graham, who has died at 91, was a town, district and county councillor in the Yorkshire Dales and a four-time parliamentary candidate,

John Wilcock in 2004.

John Wilcock, writer

John Wilcock, who has died at 91, was a Sheffield-born journalist who worked with the artist Andy Warhol and was a significant force in the American counterculture that took root during the Vietnam draft protests of the 1960s.

Dudley Sutton

Dudley Sutton, actor

The actor Dudley Sutton, who has died at 85, was known as the roguish Tinker Dill, touting for Ian McShane’s shadowy antiques dealer in the TV series Lovejoy, and as the ambivalent history teacher in Alan Plater’s acclaimed Beiderbecke trilogy of jazz-infused comedy-dramas, filmed and set in Yorkshire.

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