Dale Winton, TV host

Dale Winton, who has died at 62, was a popular TV host, perhaps best known for the game show Supermarket Sweep.

Barbara Bush, a former First Lady of America, has died, aged 92.

The Yorkshire Post says: A lasting legacy. Barbara Bush’s place in history

AS THE First Lady of the United States of America, Barbara Bush was instantly recognisable thanks to her distinctive snow-white hair. Yet, while other presidential spouses have been more high-profile and more political, Mrs Bush, who has died aged 92, deserves her own place in history.

Michael Halliday (Credit: Halliday Symposium)

Michael Halliday, linguist

Michael Halliday, who has died at 93, was a Leeds native who became an internationally revered figure in the world of modern linguistics.

Len Tingle.

Obituary: Len Tingle, political journalist

Len Tingle, who has died at 63, was the BBC’s political editor in Yorkshire and a familiar face both on the teatime news and the Sunday politics programme.

Eric Bristow in 1989

Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow, who has died at 60, was a five-times world darts champion and a household name far beyond the oche, but he but might easily have pursued a different path.

Bill Pitt

Bill Pitt, policeman

Bill Pitt, who has died at 80, was – at 6ft 6in and 17 stone – a recognisable presence on his 30-year police beat around Ilkley until his retirement after 30 years’ service, in 1988.

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Leonard Milnes

Leonard Milnes, musician

Leonard Milnes, who has died at 98, was possibly the last surviving member of Sheffield’s Bernard Taylor Band, popular with City Hall audiences from the 1950s.

Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman, football coach

Jack Coleman, who has died at 89, spent a lifetime coaching Doncaster’s youngsters in football skills and helped many players – not least the Everton manager Sam Allardyce – get their first break in the professional game.


Dave Callaghan

TO NO man falls the honour of reading his own obituary (barring, of course, any premature announcement), while there is no guarantee of favourable appraisement.

Linda Brown. the Kansas girl at the center of the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down racial segregation in schools, has died at age 75.

Linda Brown, civil rights activist

Linda Brown, who has died at 75, was the central figure in one of the landmark cases in the fight against racial segregation in American schools.

Dennis Hitch

Dennis Hitch, architect

Dennis Hitch, who has died at 80, was one of the east coast’s leading architects, whose many buildings include the new entrance to Scarborough Cricket Club, the former Scarborough Building Society headquarters and the residence of businessman Don Robinson, which overlooks the North Bay at Scalby Mills.

Doreen Wright and her sister, Barbara

Doreen Wright, wartime steelworker

Doreen Wright, who has died at 93, was a wartime steelworker in Sheffield, whose work was eventually recognised by the statue that now stands in Barker’s Pool in the city centre.

Joseph Easley

Joseph Easley, engineer and singer

Joseph Easley, who has died at 80, was the founder and first chairman of the Dalesmen Singers, the Yorkshire male voice choir that has traversed the globe for the last five decades.

Percy Hassall

Percy Hassall, housebuilder

Percy Hassall, who has died at 96, was a businessman who grew a Sheffield construction firm from seed capital of just £100.

Jerry Pearlman

Jerry Pearlman, solicitor

Joseph “Jerry” Pearlman, who has died in his 85th year, practised as a solicitor in Leeds for six decades and was one the best known and most popular lawyers in the city.

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Sheila Capstick

Sheila Capstick, equal rights campaigner

Sheila Capstick, who has died at 75, was for three decades a scourge of traditionalists among the Yorkshire working men’s club fraternity, for the dogged campaign she waged to secure equal rights for women. It was a crusade which brought her national attention and heaped ridicule on the much-parodied phenomenon of “the committee”.

Gladys Kell

Gladys Kell, magistrate

Gladys Kell, who has died at 92, was a magistrate in the Spen Valley whose tough line on sentencing earned her the record for sending more offenders to jail in a single day than anyone else in the country.

Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle, TV host

Lady Saunders, better known as the actress and presenter Katie Boyle, who has died at 91, hosted the Eurovision Song Contest four times and was one of the most familiar faces on TV throughout the 1950s and 60s.

Andrew Gibson

Dr Andrew Gibson, consultant

Dr Andrew Gibson, who has died at 65, was the founder of an East Yorkshire management consultancy that built an international reputation in the fields of justice and health and social care.

Leslie Godfrey

Leslie Godfrey, councillor

Leslie Godfrey, who has died at 95, was a long-time councillor whose decades of public service earned him the title, Mr Sowerby Bridge.

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