Reece Nicholson

Reece Nicholson, footballer

Reece Nicholson, who has died at 82, was a lifelong football fan who played at a high level in the 1950s and early 1960s for Doncaster Rovers and Cambridge City, later becoming a coach.

Keith Tate

Keith Tate, boxing coach

Keith Tate, who has died at 74, was a champion boxing trainer in West Yorkshire who acted as a foster carer to more than 500 troubled children.

Bibi Andersson with actor George Peppard in 1978

Bibi Andersson, actress

Bibi Andersson, who has died at 83, was a Swedish actress who starred in classic films by Ingmar Bergman, including The Seventh Seal and Persona.

Terence Dillon

Terence Dillon, head teacher

Terence Dillon, who has died at 82, was a headmaster and inspector of schools who was also a prize-winning brass bandsman in Yorkshire, a rugby player in the county’s President’s XV, and later a noted rowing coach.

Seymour Cassel

Seymour Cassel, actor

Seymour Cassel, who has died at 84, was a live-wire pillar of independent film, known for his frequent collaborations with directors John Cassavetes and Wes Anderson.

Dr Sydney Brenner

Sydney Brenner, biologist

Sydney Brenner, who has died at 92, was a Nobel Prize-winning biologist who helped decipher the genetic code and whose research on a roundworm sparked a new field of human disease research.

Frank Hare

Frank Hare, organist

Frank Hare, who has died at 92, was known throughout Britain and much of the US for his deep knowledge of and musicianship on the theatre organ, and was the inspiration behind the installation of the magnificent Compton Christie instrument which was completed in Ossett Town Hall in 1970 and remains there to this day.

Duggie Lea

Duggie Lea, entertainer

Douglas Papworth, who has died at 76, was a musician who entertained audiences in Bridlington for nearly 35 years under the name Duggie Lea.


James Newby, musician

James Newby, who has died at 80, was one of the North’s most accomplished and popular musicians, known around the world for his reduced orchestrations for the global Gilbert and Sullivan community.

Rafi Eitan

Rafi Eitan, spy

Rafi Eitan, who has died at 92, was the legendary Mossad spy who led the team that captured the war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker, musician

He had one of the defining voices of the Sixties, and as one third of the close harmony trio The Walker Brothers became an inspiration for the next generation of musicians.

Kevin McAleese

Kevin McAleese, head teacher

Kevin McAleese, who has died at 72, was the former head teacher at Harrogate Grammar School, who shared his story on living with a terminal illness in a BBC documentary.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown, journalist

ON first-name terms with bishops and archbishops, Michael Brown, who has died at 74, was religious affairs correspondent and a general reporter on The Yorkshire Post from 1979 until taking early retirement in 2006. The dementia he developed rapidly deteriorated and he had just been transferred to Wheatfields Hospice, Leeds, when he died.

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