BBC Look North legend Harry Gration has died: Yorkshire will forever be a better place for his contribution

It is no exaggeration to say that the BBC's Look North stalwart Harry Gration is as synonymous with the county of Yorkshire as tea itself.
BBC Look North's Harry Gration has diedBBC Look North's Harry Gration has died
BBC Look North's Harry Gration has died

It is no exaggeration to say that Harry Gration’s name is as synonymous with Yorkshire as tea itself.

Awarded the MBE for his tireless and selfless commitment to the county, Harry truly was one of us, and one of the good guys.

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He served the BBC for a lifetime; 42 years with the broadcaster during which time he became a household name, a Yorkshire institution in his own right.

His cheeky smile across the living room from the television has been a staple of our lives for so long, yet his affable demeanor never did compromise his journalistic tenacity.

And so it is with immense sadness that we must bring to you the news that Harry has died. A familiar face on the cobbles of York, he leaves behind wife Helen and the children upon which he doted.

Whilst the airwaves have not been the same since he left his BBC role, Harry never stopped working hard for his family and for the county.

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Be assured, there will never be the like of Harry Gration again. Yorkshire has lost more than just a newsreader. We have lost someone whose shoes were steeped in white rose muck, always the first to get stuck in to any challenge, and who would walk to the county boundaries for people less fortunate than he.

Though, as he passes, it goes without saying that the fortunate ones are all of us: those for whom he did his work and those lucky enough to benefit from his big-hearted charity efforts.

Harry, we will miss you dearly. From the fun times with your intrepid weatherman Paul Hudson to the times when you fought our corner. Life in Yorkshire is better for your contribution. Rest easy.