South Bay, Scarborough. Picture by Simon Hulme

Is Scarborough to be another Benidorm on TV?

His characters included a wanted murderer and his plots concerned the kind of shenanigans seldom mentioned in the holiday brochures, so the prospect of doing for Scarborough what he had previously done for Benidorm brought Derren Litten mixed reviews yesterday.

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Campaigners in Ryedale remain resolute with their opposition to fracking.

MPs must accept fracking has no future - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Nick Cowern; Sue and Peter Allen; Kim and Frank Colenso; David and Eve Cragg-James; Bishop Graham and Revd Jackie Cray; Sue and Ron Cuthbert; David Davis; Hazel Eastmond; Dr Liz Garthwaite; Monica Gripaeos; Steve Mason; Anne Nightingale; Adrian Palmer; Dagmar and Chris Pickles; Adela and Chris Pickles-Redston; Anne and Mike Rutter; June Smith; Anne Stewart; Dr Simon Sweeneyk; Nelly Trevelyan; Hazel Winter.

Theresa May and the Tories are losing the youth vote as a result of Brexit.

The Yorkshire Post says: Tories need to win youth vote and solve Brexit before they’re in poll position

THERESA MAY’S mishandling of Brexit began on day one when leading Leave campaigners like Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox were recruited to key Cabinet posts – her appeasement of the Tory party’s more ardent Brexiteers came at the expense of cross-party talks which might have brokered a better way forward after the referendum on EU membership left Britain bitterly divided.

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