Andrew Flynn set to release the emotion-drenched single ‘True Love Is Inside You’ this March

Andrew Flynn is set to return with the emotionally-penned single ‘True Love Is Inside You’ on March 1st. Bringing together a track that is drenched in profound vulnerability and deep sentimental understanding.

Using glowing instrumentation and uplifting drum rhythms, he backdrops his vocal performance with light and radiance. That vocal performance soars above all else with heartfelt passion and a clear connection to the words, seemingly inspiring himself as well as his audience with his delivery.

Andrew who was born and raised in Billingham and now lives in Seaton Carew, in Hartlepool, said: ”The inspiration behind this track is I wanted to write a song that reminds people that true love is not something external, but rather something that resides within us. Ultimately It’s a message of self-love and acceptance.”

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Andrew describes himself as a proud North-Eastern music artist, belting out tunes that carry the drama of his stage-performing youth. By day, he works locally as a psychotherapist running Talking Spaces in Hartlepool, but by night, he creates emotional rollercoasters from his talented song-writing.

Andrew FlynnAndrew Flynn
Andrew Flynn

In September 2023, Andrew released his debut single, "About Love?", a story of a broken-hearted 17-year-old. Following the success of his debut, Andrew unveiled "Narcissist" in November 2023, a cathartic voyage into the complexities of relationships which received a wide range of press acclaim from the likes of Gscene, Songweb, ELECTROZOMBIES and The Musical Road.

Dark, deep and straight from the heart, his music is a voyage of love and loss, taking on nostalgic atmospheres with a modern twist. Hailing from Billingham and now calling Seaton Carew home, he’s turned his humble roots and 80s kid woes into a creative goldmine. By embracing the past, Andrew can create heartfelt melodies that morph shame into strength, one lyric at a time.

As he continues to captivate audiences with his evocative sound, Andrew invites everyone to join him on a journey of healing and self-discovery, where the transformation of pain into strength is the heartbeat of his creative expression.