Archie Hamilton on the end of an era at Mint Club

Leeds dance music institution Mint Club is due to close its doors in February 2019. Producer Archie Hamilton spoke to the YEP about the end of an era.

DJ and producer Archie Hamilton. Picture: Karol Wyszynski

“I’ve been going to Mint Club for 10 years, I first went in 2010 to visit my cousin Benson who was at uni there at the time – we went to see Onur Ozer. Since then we’ve built an amazing relationship with Shane and the team over the years and played some amazing parties for them under Mint Club, Mint Festival and Cocoon in the Park…it’s always a really special occasion. I think Mint club is a really strong pillar of house and techno in the north. I know that people go religiously to the club from all over the UK, London, Scotland to travel there, probably from all over the world. It’s a massively important club in the UK scene. My first ever set at FUSE was very nerve-wracking to say the least! I had an enormous group of friends which was a blessing and a curse at the same time but when I saw everyone’s faces in the crowd from the stage I felt very comfortable. Enzo was late so I ended up playing 5 hours which was incredible and then Enzo asked me to play b2b with him for his first 30 mins so was all around a pretty magic experience.

“I think the consistency in the production of the parties, the music, the DJ sets played by the residents, we strive for the highest of quality in everything we do and we’ve never really strayed from what we loved doing. There’s certain brands who overtook us in speed, but our slow and steady growth over ten years all comes down to consistency. Having a solid foundation for ten years has come down to being consistent. We also have an amazing core following of fans and friends which come to the party and make the atmosphere what it is.

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“I feel like this year has been a massive step up for me and I’m very excited for the future! It’s been a number of different aspects of my career so I’m very excited for 2019. Winning Producer Of the Year at the DJ Awards in Ibiza this summer was an amazing achievement for me this year. It’s given me the confidence and ambition to really drive forward in 2019, there’s going to be a very special project dropping next year coming so watch this space.”

Mint Club is due to close its doors in 2019. Picture: Karol Wyszynski

Mint Club is due to close its doors in 2019. Picture: Karol Wyszynski