Beauty: The Harrogate mum who made a one-stop all-natural product shop

A Yorkshire mum-of-four has created a one-stop shop for chemical-free beauty and wellbeing products. Beauty editor Stephanie Smith finds out more.

Pure Skin Lab founder Caroline Huber, from Harrogate.
Pure Skin Lab founder Caroline Huber, from Harrogate.

When Caroline Huber wanted to find one place where she could buy natural shampoo, deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, sun cream and a face mask, she soon realised it was quite a task.

So she decided to create one herself. Caroline, who lives in Harrogate with her husband, four children, two dogs and a cat, turned entrepreneur a year ago to create her beauty and wellbeing e-tail website as a one-stop shop for natural, holistic and wellbeing products, sourced from globally established and new brands.

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Before having her children, Caroline had worked as a farm hand and in marketing and personal training. A visit to Madagascar impressed her with its simplicity, no processed food or plastic, only natural medicines and low cancer rates. “I believe, if we expose ourselves to chemicals, whether internally or externally, it is detrimental to our health,” she says. “I became interested in natural remedies and overall health when diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. I found keeping fit and following a clean eating and dairy-free diet helped. I started yoga and was introduced to mindfulness and how this can help with anxiety, hormones and stress. I began sourcing the best natural products for my whole family. This proved harder than I thought as I had to order from so many different companies. I then felt guilty about my impact on the carbon footprint.”

Some of the products at Pure Skin Lab.

And so Pure Skin Lab was born. Today, it has around 50 brands covering cosmetics, toiletries, baby products, jewellery, yoga accessories, candles, incense, diffusers and oil burners, books and copper water bottles, with plans to expand further into household cleaning products.

Caroline says: “I want Pure Skin Lab to be known as the place that allows us to invest in ourselves, love our cells, our environment and promoting overall physical and mental wellness.”

To see all of the products, visit