Christmas Day 1815: Business as usual

If you look at The Leeds Intelligencer from 25th December 1815 you notice that Christmas is hardly mentioned at all.

After all Charles Dickens was only three and had not yet written about (and arguably invented) the modern day Christmas that we know and celebrate.

A century before war torn 1915 the country was celebrating victory in another war at the battle of Waterloo but for most people the routine of a simpler and more basic lifestyle continued unabated over the festive period.

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Picture of Buonaparte

The Adelphi Exhibition. Robert Lefevre’s celebrated picture of Napoleeon Buonaparte is now arrived in Leeds and will open for exhibition tomorrow at the late Auction Mart, Trinity Lane near the church for a few days on its way to Edinburgh.

Being the last and very best painted portrait of this extraordinary character that has ever been produced.

Royal Union Coach

The public are respectfully informed that the Union Coach sets out from the White Horse Inn, Leeds every day at 12 o’clock at noon precisely and arrives in London on the afternoon of the following day.

The proprietors also beg leave respectfully to state that the fare from Leeds to London is reduced to two guineas inside and one guinea outside and that a proportionate reduction will be made for shorter stages.

Apprentice Wanted

Thomas Cragg, hat maker and furrier, Bridge Leeds is in want of an apprentice.

None need apply but of respectable parents.

Coal to be let

On Tuesday, the 9th Day of January 1816 at Mrs. Greaves’s the Hotel Inn, Leeds between the hours of six and eight in the evening subject to conditions there produced.

All that bed of coal situate at Osmondthorpe within two miles of Leeds. The bed is about three feet thick, of excellent quality with a very good roof and lightly watered at about the depth of 36 yards from the surface.

The borings of the coal may bee seen and further particulars had, by applying to Mr. Addinell, Tadcaster.

York Ouse Bridge

To master builders. Such persons as are willing to contract with the commissioners for erecting and completing that part of the bridge which is to bebuilt on the present New Piers and Abutments are requested to send sealed proposals both for materials and workmanship to Mr. Russell’s office in Lendal, york on or before the first February next.

For New York

The copper bottomed First Class Ship Earl Fitzwilliam, Captain Garrison, 260 tons is now loading in the Old Dock, Hull and will sail next week.

Cabin passengers can be conveniently accommodated.

Apply to Benj. Hickson or Richard Moxon & Sons (owners).

Hay Sale

To be sold by private contract on the premises at Brownberries near Horsforth.

A quantity of good hay in the mow the produce of eleven acres.

The same will be disposed of in the manner most agreeable to the purchaser.

Mr. Edward Cooper of Brownberries will show the same.

Bradford concert

The inhabitants and the public in general of Bradford are respectfully informed that there will be a concert on Monday the First of January 1816.

The vocal part by Mrs. Wild and Mr. Parker, principal instrumental performers.

The Shortest Day

The sun now looks across the sky with his obliquest beam

Small radiance darting from his eye of light the faintest stream

Yet soon shall he with brighter ray and look benignant smile

And pour the effulgence of the day on Britain’s favoured Isle

E’en now we see with gladsome mind our sun’s returning ray

And Britain hails the hour to find, gone past her shortest day