Cineworld Sheffield opens new ‘270-degree’ ScreenX experience

New cinema technology from South Korea that projects scenes onto the side walls of the auditorium has opened in Sheffield.

The new screen opened with a preview event on Thursday night.

Cineworld Sheffield has become the second place in Yorkshire, after another Cineworld in Leeds, to install what is known as ‘ScreenX’.

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The new screen opened in Sheffield today, Friday April 5, following a premiere showing to an invited audience of superhero film Shazam! last night.

It is one of 12 ScreenX sites across the country.

Jason Bainbridge, regional manager for Cineworld, said: “On the main screen, customers will see the content they would in a standard screen, but ScreenX uses additional footage to expand key scenes onto the side walls to immerse people into the on-screen action. The technology gives moviegoers a 270-degree viewing experience.”