Helicopter ER: Couple rescued by air ambulance after flipping vintage 1966 Humber Hawk Estate onto its side

A couple had to be rescued by air ambulance staff after the vintage car they were driving to a stately home in Yorkshire crashed and landed on its side.

Classic car enthusiasts Geoff Walton and Chris Devos were driving their 1966 Humber Hawk estate when another car driving dangerously on the wrong side of the road hit their vehicle at a crossroads. The impact sent their car flying across the road, and it landed on its side trapping the couple.

Due to the age of the car there are no air bags or crumple zones, raising concerns about their injuries and making the rescue efforts by fire crews and ambulance staff even more risky. The windshield of the car was partially detached, allowing rescuers to speak with the couple from the front of the car, while paramedics and rescue teams carefully helped the couple from the wreckage on stretchers through the rear of the vehicle.

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Sadly, the historic car was a write off, although the couple have replaced it with another vintage vehicle – a 1959 Humber Hawk Super Snipe saloon.

The 1966 Humber Hawk Estate flipped on its side following a serious crashThe 1966 Humber Hawk Estate flipped on its side following a serious crash
The 1966 Humber Hawk Estate flipped on its side following a serious crash

Geoff was left with three hairline cracks to his pelvis, which are expected to heal naturally, while Chris broke her left arm, which was subsequently casted. Within five minutes of the crash, Dr Steve Rowe and paramedics Mikey Williams and Georgina Godfrey from Yorkshire Air Ambulance were at the scene.

Geoff said: “We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fantastic Yorkshire Air Ambulance team. They were incredibly quick and skilled, and it truly made all the difference.

"I also want to express my heartfelt thanks to the other rescue teams who helped us get out of that car on a very tough day. I'm grateful for the morphine that helped blur the memory of the accident. But what really matters is that my wife and I are okay, and we both feel incredibly lucky that our injuries weren’t more serious. It could have been a lot worse.

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"Losing my vintage car was a real disappointment. They are very rare in the UK. However, I've since replaced it with a more powerful Super Snipe, and we're eagerly anticipating new adventures and hopefully, accident-free memories."