TV preview: The Coroner

Filming on location is notoriously disruptive, but residents of South Devon couldn't have been happier to see the cast and crew of BBC drama The Coroner return to make series two earlier this year.

Coroner Jane Kennedy, played by Claire Goose, with ex-sweetheart Davey Higgins, alias Matt Bardock.

“Shooting does bring quite a lot of chaos, with vans and trucks and places you can’t walk, so although it can be quite fun, it can be quite intrusive to people’s lives,” says Claire Goose, who plays Jane Kennedy, a coroner in the coastal community of Lighthaven. “It was a relief that they were all really pleased to see us.”

And no wonder. Traffic to the Visit South Devon website was up by 44 per cent when the beautifully shot first series debuted in 2015, and the next instalment promises to be just as picturesque.

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The second series sees Jane once again joining forces with her former childhood sweetheart Detective Sergeant Davey Higgins (Matt Bardock), this time to investigate a lethal skydiving accident, a killer big cat on the moors and the discovery of a baby’s remains, among other sudden or unexplained deaths.

Davey might be married to someone else, but they’ve never quite got over each other, and while the chemistry between them is palpable, romance is unlikely to be rekindled.

The Coroner, BBC1, Monday, 9pm.