TV preview: One Of Us

Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas are childhood sweethearts, just back from their honeymoon when they are brutally murdered.

Their families, neighbours in the remote Scottish Highland village of Braeston, are devastated. But their world is turned upside down when the murderer arrives on their doorstep. A storm has been raging, and his car comes off the road. When the two families find him, badly injured, they face a terrible dilemma

In the search for answers, skeletons are unearthed and old wounds reopened. When the lines between right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, become blurred, how do you cope?

“It’s a psychological thriller with a lot of edge,” says Juliet Stevenson, who plays the mother of murdered Adam. “It’s about people in a community who come together due to extreme events.”

She added: “You have to grade it and find a journey that contains variety, so that’s been quite an interesting challenge. I have four children and murder is not something I want to think about. This job involved more darkness than I’ve ever encountered before. The loss of a child is unimaginable and you can’t recover from that, but the loss of a child by murder is another territory altogether.”

One Of Us, BBC1, Tuesday, 9pm.

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