The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes is back for More4 series as region shines through the seasons

Television viewers are looking for reassurance and comfort in bleak times, says one regional industry figure.

And with the latest showcase of Yorkshire's natural beauty, they may get just that.

The fourth series of The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes begins on More4 at 9pm on Monday.

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This time the dramatic changing of the region's and Cumbria's landscapes through winter, spring, summer and autumn are shown in the programme, made by Leeds-based production company True North.

An image from the latest series of The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes on More4. Picture: True North.

Creative director and founder Andrew Sheldon, who executive produced the show, said: "We follow it through the seasons, it's made for an absolutely beautiful series."

He added: "Yorkshire is so much in vogue. There's is no sign of that stopping.

"Drama and factual companies are queuing up to do Yorkshire things at the moment, it's really strange.

"I think that people are looking for reassurance and confidence. There's something about the character of Yorkshire that people feel comfortable with."

Eccentric traditions such as ferret racing in Appletreewick, as well as more pedestrian concerns such as the school run in remote corners of the region, are explored on the show.

Mr Sheldon said: "We did the school run in winter with somebody who lives at the top of Wensleydale.

"It's just everyday life but you get a real clear sense of the challenges of those living in these wild and remote places."

He added: "We're living in what in some respects are really bleak times and I think people are looking, if they can't physically visit places, for ways to still enjoy them."

The show includes characters that "you know are going to be positive and warm about the world," he said.

The success of Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes led to the company creating the hit Devon and Cornwall series, which during the pandemic was promoted from More4 to Channel 4 and at times won more than two million views, said Mr Sheldon.

The next series of that show begins soon on Channel 4.