The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard episode two - all you need to know

We look into episode two of the The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard, when to watch it, how to stream it and what's happening...

Mark and Emma tie the knot at the NYMR
Mark and Emma tie the knot at the NYMR

What is it? The return of the popular documentary following the team behind the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

What channel is it on and what time does it start? Channel 5, Friday (May 24) at 8pm.

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Is that wedding bells? There is a well-established connection between romance and steam. Two years ago the railway got a wedding licence, and it has now become a popular, if slightly unusual, wedding venue. In charge is Tim and this time he is organizing an especially important wedding at the Railway, that of head boilersmith Mark and his equally steam-mad fiancée Emma.

Getting ready for Yorkshire Day

How did they meet? Their love blossomed because of a mutual passion for steam, and in particular the B1—it’s the engine they first rode on together and on which Mark proposed. Naturally they want the engine to pull them on their wedding train, but issues with the engine means it might miss the big day.

Anything else happening? Also this time it’s the start of the long process of restoration of the Green Knight, an engine that hasn’t run for five years. It’s a tricky job, especially as some of the work is being done by trainees, including liftman Chummers and trainee lift supervisor Barney.

Yorkshire Day: Preparations are underway for a big event on the NYMR’s calendar,Yorkshire Day. For this celebration of all things Yorkshire, there will be a special Yorkshire-themed Pullman service, and Gill and husband Paul get hands-on sorting out the preparations.