Gig preview: Cheryl, Mike and Jay, formerly of Bucks Fizz at Leeds City Varieties

Cheryl, Mike and Jay, formerly of Bucks Fizz with special guest Bobby McVayCheryl, Mike and Jay, formerly of Bucks Fizz with special guest Bobby McVay
Cheryl, Mike and Jay, formerly of Bucks Fizz with special guest Bobby McVay
One of the most memorable performances in Eurovision history was that of 1981. Who could forget the skirt-rippingly energetic display by British four-piece, Bucks Fizz?

The band went onto have three Number 1 singles in the UK, including the Eurovision winner, Making Your Mind Up.

Now, three of the original members have returned to the stage for a 70-date world tour.

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Cheryl Baker, one of the original members, holds a rather prestigious place in history, as she is one of a very small number of singers who represented Britain twice in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Before Bucks Fizz’s chart-topping Making Your Mind Up, she also sang on Bad Old Days, the 1978 entry by Co-co; it proved to be the band’s only hit.

“There’s not many people who have performed twice, but when you’re there you just do it and people tell you the logistics afterwards. You don’t get made a dame because of it,” she laughs.

Bucks Fizz fizzled out in the 1990s, but Baker says that touring is more enjoyable now than ever – now, due to legal resons, as Cheryl, Mike and Jay, formerly of Bucks Fizz.

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“It’s definitely more fun now, we’re having such an amazing time. I think because we’ve got a new guy, Bobby McVay, who has made a massive difference. He gets on with everybody; he sings well, dances well, the fans love him, and he’s just given us a new lease of life, he really has. He’s made us all feel very positive about the future.

“The better this tour has been going, the more it’s been gaining momentum, and because of that, next year, the gigs are flying in already and we’ve had to some down. It’s just been a great time, considering the lost years when nothing was happening, and then suddenly everyone wants a piece of you, which they can have!”

The band’s last studio album was released in 1986, but Baker says that there is every chance she, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston will be releasing new material in time for their next tour.

“We’re going for a meeting next week with a very famous producer, who wants to do an album. There’s a couple of people, actually, who approached us. This is the funny thing again, that people are coming to us, so I think that for the tour next year there will be an album.

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“In reality, we can’t compete with One Direction, but there is an audience out there for us, so if they want new products then we will supply it.”

Cheryl, Mike and Jay, formerly of Bucks Fizz, play at Leeds City Varieties on Saturday, September 5. For details visit