Gig review: Allusondrugs + Treason King + Adore//repel at 360 Club at The Library, Leeds

Another visit to the 360 Club in Leeds brought me yet more excitement. It’s becoming a bit of a trend, methinks. I’m just waiting for that slip up. Although that may be long after my departure from being useful.


Anyhow, the first act of the evening was a band with which I am familiar, Adore//repel. With an added fourth member, this band have truly come on so much since our relatively recent previous encounter. Paired with a stylish aesthetic, they blasted out some beautiful harmonies. To note was there last track, and almost exclusively live track, ‘Where the Rich Kids Go to Die’, built up so well and drawed everyone in for its climax. Most exhilarating.

To follow were another regular at the 360 Club, Treason Kings. More in line with my personal choice, this grungey affair from Leeds exuded the lo-fi sound pleasantly, and even threw in some calculated and thrilling solos, for good old fashioned measure.

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The main act, however, was the truest highlight of the evening. Allusondrugs, a young but hotly favoured band from Castleford were set to entertain by all accounts, and, well, they really did.

The first thing that takes you aback is the energy of the band; even in my recent departure from adolescence, they made me feel archaic and frail. Bursting at the seams with energetic talent, they bred a unique infectious pysch-rock type sound, inciting everyone to drop their phones and really move to something quite special.

Each song starts with a talented softness, but reaches breaking point and powers into impressive choruses and riffs.

The skill on show is inescapable; the singer, Jason Moules, channeling Jane’s Addiction and showing all sorts of pedigree, guitarists Damo Hughes and Drey Pavlovic’s impeccable use of pedals and raw guitar sounds, the backing vocals. It all really came together for this band, and, by the looks of it, I’m not the first one to notice either.

Frontman Moules’ presence was gripping and his prowess enviable. With all their songs being immediately enchanting, dare I say it, I really, genuinely, wholly and truly loved this band.

On a personal level, at the very least, they are one fiesta I will follow closely from now onwards. And if you know what’s good for you, you will too.