Gig review: Marillion at York Barbican

For a band that's 39 years old and counting and that along the way has turned out some of progressive rock's biggest international hits, it was blindingly obvious that Marillion's music and performances are timeless.

Marillion at York Barbican. Picture: Neil Short
Marillion at York Barbican. Picture: Neil Short

With such a large back catalogue of tracks to choose from, it was clear that Marillion weren’t on this tour for the nostalgia trip or to bring back fond memories of decades past. They were intent on delivering a show that kept folks in the present moment with their most recent material, and they were hell-bent on delivering a magnificent performance for the last show of the tour, wrapping things up in York.

Most of the evenings set list was derived from their 2016 album F.E.A.R., including the opening five part track, El Dorado, which was met by the adoration and applause of their loyal fan base and forever young audience.

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A few songs from the 80s were thrown in for good measure and to keep everyone grounded, and audience requests (such as White Paper) were added in to the set to give the night some variation with the multiple encores in there as well, to appease the fans and to perhaps help them reminisce about their past work.

I do have to mention the visual aspect of the show; videos being projected on a screen at the back of the stage, each one telling its own little story but also staying completely in theme to the song that was being played at the time, and a lighting show that would be the envy of most artists out on the road at the moment.

Singer Steve Hogarth continuously engaged the audience throughout the night, breaking out with the odd comparison between Marillion writing sessions and Tudor times, and also stating at one point that Marillion would be a rather good pub band, or so it would seem.

This night was definitely one for the fans young and old, and definitely a show that Marillion and fans alike will no doubt reminisce about for many years to come.