Leeds has its first glimpse of new bomber

On the 28th October 2015 the iconic and unforgettable Vulcan bomber made its last ever flight but the citizens of Leeds go their first look at this incredible aircraft exactly 62 years ago on 23rd December 1953

From our air correspondent Ernest Stott

Leeds people yesterday had their first glimpse the Avro Vulcan, the world’s first delta-wing. four-jet bomber, when flew over the city at about 5.000 ft.

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The Vulcan was returning to Woodford Aerodrome (Cheshire), after a normal training flight over the Midlands.

Travelling In a north-westerly direction, it crossed Leeds at about 2.30 p.m. Its unusual wing shape could be seen very clearly. Although its engines were throttled well back their roar sounded as if four squadrons of Meteors were passing.

For most of the flight the Vulcan was at a height of 30,000 ft., but over Leeds it was slowly losing height In preparation for landing.

I understand that in the future the Vulcan may often be seen over Yorkshire. A new series of tests are starting soon and flights will be made to all parts of the country.

The Vulcan, which first flew August. 1952, Is In super-priority production for the RAF