Lowe reveals his earlier life of drinking and sexual exploits

HOLLYWOOD heart throb Rob Lowe reveals all in a new memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

The actor, sober for 21 years, tells of his wilder young days in a book filled with entertaining anecdotes that read like a Who’s Who of Hollywood – the turmoil he suffered when his parents divorced, his insecurities, sexual exploits and time in rehab.

While his liaisons with beautiful women (including Demi Moore, Nastassja Kinski and Princess Stephanie of Monaco) are documented in the book, by far his longest relationship has been with his wife of 20 years, Sheryl Berkoff, a make-up artist he met on the set of Bad Influence. They have two sons, Matthew, 17, and Johnowen, 15.

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Has it been easy for Lowe to remain monogamous, given his early sex symbol status?

“I look at this like I do sobriety. To this day, the thought of never having a glass of wine is a life which doesn’t really appeal to me. So each day I decide, today is the day I’m not going to have some wine. It’s like that with my wife.

“I’m not sure we’re meant to be monogamous, in fact I’m positive we’re not. But day in and day out I choose to be with my wife. I know I’m never going to find anyone I love more, who’s sexier or a better mother. We’re all tempted from time to time, particularly in the business I’m in. But we are never apart for more than two-and-a-half weeks.”

He also writes about being part of the Brat Pack, along with friends Tom Cruise, who he met while making The Outsiders, Kevin Bacon and Charlie Sheen.

* Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe is published by Bantam, £18.99.

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