Our Yorkshire Farm: stunned viewers react to 'heartwarming' childhood without phones, laptops and TV

Our Yorkshire Farm has captured the hearts of TV audiences after the first episode aired last night.

The Owen family at Ravenseat Farm (Photo: Channel 5)
The Owen family at Ravenseat Farm (Photo: Channel 5)

The new TV documentary series, which follows a rural family, their flock of sheep, and their upbeat attitude to everything nature throws at them, has proven a hit with watching members of the public.

Starring 'Yorkshire Shepherdess' Amanda Owen, her husband Clive and their nine 'free-range' children as they contend with life on the remote Ravenseat Farm in North Yorkshire, the show has captured the imaginations of viewers with its "heartwarming" depiction of an "idyllic" family with "old fashioned" values.

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On the 2,000 acre farm, which boasts more than a thousand sheep - but has no mobile signal or broadband - the Owen children, from teens to toddlers, all elect to do their bit in the great outdoors, rather than spending time glued to TVs, mobiles or computers like so many modern kids.

Amanda Owen, whose 'free-range children' have inspired viewers (Photo: Channel 5)

'Should be compulsory viewing'

On Twitter during and after the first episode's broadcast, there were numerous stunned and positive reactions.

"Idyllic," commented one user. "A lovely family with amazing values and stunning scenery. They’re grafters that’s for sure."

"The love between 6 year old Sidney and his older brother Ruben is the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen in ages," added another, while Avril Wright went so far as to say the show "should be compulsory viewing for all families".

The Owens have been called a "beautiful" family by those watching (Photo: JPI Media)

"It may be thought as old fashioned but these children are privileged to have this kind of upbringing."

"It's like a breath of fresh air watching these kids, how they all muck in, appreciate everything - not motivated by greed," commented Michelle Harrison. "Good parenting as well."

"Absolutely loved Our Yorkshire Farm," said Rebecca Fletcher. "Such a breath of fresh air in a day of smart phones, screens and all the rest."

No need for telly or gadgets?

Indeed, the lack of screen-time in favour of fresh air activities was the focus of many an audience member's admiration.

"What a brilliant childhood those children have," said one viewer. "No phones or laptops just old fashioned values and a large loving family."

"Great bunch of kids helping out playing outdoors and enjoying life," added another, "without the aid of a telly or the latest gadget."

"It was amazingly beautiful to watch a lovely family interact together as a loving unit whilst taking care of the farm," said Jacquie Swinbourne. "Not a mobile phone or iPad was seen in whole program. Wonderful."

One Twitter user summed up the Owen's approach as "an incredible balance of hard graft and family life".

"The smile on those kids faces say it all. They’re living some of their best years."

Our Yorkshire Farm continues on Tuesday 4 December at 8pm on Channel 5.