Review: The Prodigy ****

THE lights dim, a cheer goes up from the crowd, and then Bang!

The Prodigy have arrived on stage like a juggernaut smashing through a brick wall. Through the bright white glare of the strobe lights it is just about possible to make out the shadows of Keith Flint and Maxim, ringleaders for the night, snarling into their mikes.

Opening with World's on Fire, one of several blistering tracks from last year's highly-acclaimed album Invaders Must Die, this is the first night of a mini-tour of the UK.

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Opting to play smaller venues in places they might not have visited since the early days of rave, The Prodigy appear to be saying thank you for the love.

They were welcomed back onto the main stage last year with open arms, winning over a new army of followers, and preparing now for the biggest solo show of their 20-year career, at the open air Milton Keynes Bowl in July.

For over an hour or so, those who were lucky enough to have secured tickets for this sell-out Doncaster gig, were dragged headlong through a barrage of high energy numbers.

And the hits keep coming; Breath, Firestarter, Omen, Voodoo People, and, joyously, one of their "old skool" anthems Out of Space in the encore. If this was mad on a school night one can only imagine what it was like the following (Friday) night at Bridlington Spa. As the title of another Prodigy track goes, Take Me to the Hospital.

Doncaster Dome