‘Teflon’ Lara Croft gets reboot

The return of Lara Croft in her first video game in three years
will see a “more human” character than the one depicted by Angelina Jolie on the 
big screen, its lead writer has 

Rhianna Pratchett penned the story of the new Tomb Raider – described as a “reboot” by developers – which sees Croft fresh out of university and fighting for survival after being shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

Ms Pratchett, the daughter of fantasy author Terry Pratchett, said she wanted to focus on the origins of the iconic adventurer, rather than the “Teflon Lara” portrayed in previous games and by Jolie in the film adaptations.

“With this story we had carte blanche to go back and reboot as we saw fit”, she said.

“Lara’s a very strong woman, she’s very confident, she’s very brave, she’s very resourceful. But we wanted to go back to a time when those traits were below the surface. I think she became a bit colder in the movies, a little bit untouchable in some ways.

“We wanted to bring Lara back to a place where she was a bit more relatable, a bit more human.”

Tomb Raider for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 is released tomorrow.