Invitation to be a guest at Frankenstein’s Wedding at Kirkstall Abbey

The final rehearsals are underway for Frankenstein’s Wedding, the live dance and drama event which will take over the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds later this month.

The project, which is the brainchild of BBC Three, follows on from the success of the Manchester Passion and the Liverpool Nativity which saw drama take to the streets of the cities.

Like both previous projects, Frankenstein’s Wedding will also be screened live on the channel. Creative director Colin Teague is the man who has the job of bringing the new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s gothic novel to life and the cast – which includes Lacey Turner as Elizabeth Lavenza, Andrew Gower as the eponymous Victor Frankenstein and David Harewood as the Creature – are being put through their paces.

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For the last few months Leeds company Phoenix Dance have also been hard at work choreographing various scenes which will culminate in a final dance with a large community cast.

Hundreds have taken part in the workshops and others have learnt the routine, thanks to an online masterclass.

The results will be seen in just over two weeks’ time, but those with two left feet can still be part of the event.

The BBC has released 9,000 free tickets for audience members, who must be 16 or over and are invited to attend the event in their best outfits to play the role of wedding guests.

“This ambitious project will be a modern-day portrayal of Shelley’s iconic story,” says Peter Salmon, director of BBC North. Spectacular light projections will highlight the abbey in a way that it has never been seen before and with great music, drama as well as the mass audience wedding, it promises to be an exciting and memorable night.”

Frankenstein’s Wedding...Live in Leeds, which will take place on March 19, is part of the BBC’s Year of Books. For more details visit