Review: When We Are Married, West Yorkshire Playhouse

It's a match that should have taken place long ago, but Barrie Rutter's Halifax-based company Northern Broadsides has finally taken on JB Priestley's classic comedy.

Northern Broadsides' production of When We Are Married. 
Northern Broadsides' production of When We Are Married. ©NOBBY CLARK

And it’s right up their street. Set in an Edwardian industrial northern town it concerns the fortunes of three upwardly-mobile couples who gather together to celebrate their silver wedding. But a chance discovery that the vicar who married them hadn’t filled in the correct paperwork, leads to consternation as the couples try to get to grips with the devastation this will cause to their lives and reputation. Although of its time, Priestley’s witty dialogue and clever observances of human nature make for hilarious scenes and the fact that it all takes place using faultless Yorkshire accents is even better. A superb cast: Steve Huison as hen-pecked husband Herbert, Kate Anthony as Clara, his shrew of a wife who can stop him in his tracks with one malevolent look and Adrian’s Hood’s bombastic councillor Albert just some of the highlights. The final scene when the cast convene on the stage for a light-hearted dance sums up the whole production wonderfully – a perfectly joyous evening’s entertainment.

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